Cannot load Applcor CTF theme.

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    I would apprecitae any help on this subject.

    I first bought my PSP a week ago with pandora battery and magic stick etc.. anyway I installed CTF 5.00 M33 no problem, then I installed CXMB and applcor CTF file in PSP/Theme folder I turned it on enabled XMB in recovery mode, exit and went to themes, loaded up applcor and no problems there. I thought of going back to the original PSP theme so I downloaded the bogus CTF theme and loaded that up through theme, no problems there. I then decided to install the new CTF 5.50 GEN, so I did but my problem is I went to install the applcor theme again but I cannot. I have downloaded the new CXMB 5.50 GEN file and also the 5.50 GEN applcor file. I loaded the applcor file in PSP/Theme folder started the PSP up in recovery, CXMB still enabled but when I go into theme to change it is not showing and now I can only install PTF files not CTF files can someone please put me right on this one.