Cannot get either the shopping channel or the internet channel working

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    Let me start by apologising if I have posted this in the wrong place guys.. I soft modded my grandsons Wii it's running a 3.2E but I couldn't use the shopping channel and some other things because Nintendo have withdrawn them. So I found a wad for the shopping channel v21 and also a wad for the opera internet channel. Installed them both but when I click on either the screen looks like they are going to work but then goes back to the main screen . I would be grateful if anyone can help me please . I have also noticed that when I check my internet connection (wireless) it says it's ok but I have to upgrade surely if I do I'll lose the HBC ???
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    Don't be afraid to update your Wii to 4.3E; Letterbomb and Hackmii Installer 1.2 can easily re-install HBC back onto your Wii. Just make sure that, because you've softmodded your Wii, you don't have any corrupt or missing IOSes, as the Hackmii Installer needs to find a vulnerable IOS to be able to work its magic.

    Back to Shopping Channel and Internet Channel:
    If you say that you already have the latest versions of the Shop Channel and Internet Channel, then you probably won't need to worry about them when you update because they are built to work with 4.3.