Can i link 2 switches to the 1 nintendo/eshop account?

Discussion in 'Switch - Console, Accessories & Hardware' started by DjoeN, Nov 24, 2017.

  1. DjoeN

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    No i don't plan on trying to buy 1 game and get it on both consoles,
    i just want to know if i can have 2 switches on 1 eshop/nintendo account
    I know you can't with the (N)3DS/(N)2DS
  2. TheCyberQuake

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    No. When you connect the other switch it disconnects the account from the first switch iirc.
  3. Xplic1T

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    May 26, 2006
    Do you need to have the other switch on to disconnect it ? Could he keep first one offline line and keep his games if he never signed in again ?
  4. Olmectron

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    Dec 31, 2012
    A game
    For setting your account in a second console, you MUST perform a "transfer", similar to that of 3DS systems. So, the first one will lose the account once "transferred".

    You can't just login like it was a Google or Facebook account.
  5. NekoMichi

    NekoMichi Retro Collector

    Jun 4, 2015
    Minus World
    Yes, and no.

    Yes - You can login to the same Nintendo Account on more than one Nintendo Switch console at the same time. If you're playing cartridge games, you don't need to log out of one device before logging in on the other one, you can simply change devices and play on the cartridge and your friends list/activity feed will be loaded from that account no matter which console you use. Save data is locked to the console and won't carry across when logging on other devices.

    No - You cannot play games purchased from the account on multiple consoles at the same time. You must set one console as your active device, which then enables you to download and play your purchases. If you would like to change consoles, you'll need to connect to the Internet on your currently active console and then deregister it before setting another console as your active device. Deregistering a console will not log you out or delete your purchases/saves, however it will lock you out from launching games purchased using that account.
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  6. DjoeN

    DjoeN Captain Haddock!

    Oct 21, 2005
    Somewhere in this potatoland!

    Thanks for all the info.

    Situation is like this:
    I have 1 Switch, playtime between my 3 daughters is split up (each get a change to play (unless there punished for whatever reason))
    Now, with some action at a warehouse (get €20 voucher for each €100 you spend on multimedia/household and clothes (NOT Food/drinks)) i decided to buy a second switch for local multiplayer
    I had a few other vouchers and bons, so i ended up getting stuff for just over €400 minus all the old vouchers i had, i payed €245 (for switch, splatoon 2, carrycase, glass screen protector and some clothes and a wierd Canadian softdrink to try out))
    Cause the first total was just over €400 i got €80 in new vouchers where i can buy whatever again in the store, starting from next week)

    So i think i got a pretty good deal out of it :D

    Seems i will be setting up a second account, just like i did with my n3ds systems.
    Both daughters need there stuff on there console, so both systems need to have access to the e-shop
    Both have different taste of games (except for splatoon and mario kart), so those are the only games i have 2 times
    The youngest daughter get to play on 1 (always the same) switch, she only plays splatoon 2 offline and mario odyssey (for her saves)
    So an agreement is made wich my daughters to offer 1 to share her switch for playtime for the youngest (and that was more easier done than i expected :D )
    (I do not wish to buy a 3th switch, that's overkill and not forseen in my gaming budget)
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  7. PossiblyOne

    PossiblyOne Alive For Now

    Oct 28, 2017
    United States
    But how does that weird Canadian soft drink taste?
  8. Rusb

    Rusb GBAtemp Regular

    Apr 17, 2014
    Buy your games in separate accounts and when you want a game in one console, deactivate the account in your console an activate it in the other
    (The menu is right top in eshop, as well as redownload purchased games)
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