1. blackacidevil

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    Apr 21, 2010
    Hi there,

    I modded my first wii back in early 2010 febuary, and I installed it on a 3.3 menu system. I havent ever upgraded it (the system menu), every games work perfectly. Im doing another mod now for a friend, and I want to be as safe as possible. Going from experience, I remember backing up my nand and the process of it. I also remember there was a write option to system nand. So Im thinking wouldnt a duplicate copy be better. (Copy my NAND as of today, write it to the other system directly to NAND)

    The other system has homebrew installed and a different system menu.

    When I modded my orginal wii, it was trail and error, lots of experience and learning the system. It was sitting behind TV doing nothing and then I found out you could mod them and I had nothing to lose but try. I was hooked.

    Thanks again


    PS... What is the real difference between system menu being upgraded, like i said mine is 3.3 and every game works, all new ones, call of duty black, rockbands, donkey, etc.
  2. smash_brew

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    Oct 8, 2008
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    you can't write a nand backup from one wii to another. well you can in theory but you would need the keys from both wiis and have to use betwiin. it's much harder then it sounds and you should just go ahead an follow a guide to mod your second wii. if you're looking to install your nand backup on another wii as is, it's not going to happen. updating your system menu just isn't necessary. if need be just update what ever ios you need and leave your system menu alone. i'm still on 3.2 and will never update. mostly because i don't feel like remaking my theme, but there really isn't any worth while reason for me to do so.
  3. CarbonX13

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    Aug 27, 2010
    It's not possible to get another system's NAND onto yours, (well there is I think, but it definitely isn't an easy task) because each NAND backup is exclusive to that Wii itself, because it uses the keys exclusive to that Wii. In other words, you cannot take another NAND backup and write it onto yours; it doesn't work that way.

    System Menu updates are issued by Nintendo to introduce new features (e.g. SD card menu in 4.0), patches to errors and glitches (e.g. Twilight Hack, Wii MotionPlus video glitch), and to block the Wii from hacks (e.g. system menu 4.2, 4.3). Behind the scenes 'tune-up', such as updating IOS files, is what introduces new features, fixes, and such.
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