Can I download other regions eshop games?

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  1. SolidSnail55

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    Jan 31, 2015
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    I saw somewhere that if you do not have a NNID, you could change your 3ds region to download other regions games from the eshop, I do not want to delete me NNID, so I cannot test, but is it true?
  2. Hkari

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    Oct 15, 2008
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    Before you make an NNID, go to your system settings. Select miscellaneous settings (bottom right), user profile, area. Set it to another region, for example US > Singapore, and you should be able access the Singapore shop instead of the US one. People did this to take advantage of the lower prices in some regions before NNIDs were implemented. I don't know how it works now since the implementation of NNIDs, but a message pops up saying you will be locked out of your account or similar, so I haven't tried it. You could make a emunand backup and see.