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Mar 30, 2017
Hey guys, this will be kind of a long post, but please read everything, even the post scriptum. And if someone from the mods decides that the thread is not for here, please move it in the right section.
So, here goes the long story- I want to help my cousin, which is having issues with his physical version of the game. The game is gift from his father (his parents are divorced) and he really wanted to make my cousin happy, so he bought him as a gift "The Witcher 3: Complete Edition". Yet, we found out that the game has a problem and his father threw away the game receipt, not knowing it should be kept. Now I'm in contact with the EU customer support for the game and I will bet due to a laziness, they directly started the conversation with request for proof of purchase. Now we don't have it, because my uncle (my cousin's father) doesn't live in the same country as us and he threw away the receipt at some train station. Here comes the important part, so we can make one kid with divorced parents happy, because it was pretty heavy blow to receive bad working cartridge on your 15th birthday. Can someone please send me on PM receipt for the game, boght from EU store?

PS: Here comes another important thing- we need just the receipt for the game, if you paid with card and they gave you second receipt for the payment DON'T send it, because it contains personal information, that is yours.
PS2: I'm going to update the thread with info on how the things are going.
PS3: I'm sorry if my english is too bad.

Thanks from now, because I know that we, the gamers are awesome community and support each other. Please help one nice kiddo
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