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Discussion in 'Sony PlayStation 1 & 2' started by chaofan, Feb 9, 2008.

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    Hi guys... Tis pretty strange I be here since I joined GBAtemp for R4 and NDS support [​IMG] , but here's my thread.

    I've tried Google searching around, but all I've gotten are vague answers, and non-professional details about how to get Dual-Layered PS2 games and PS1 games working on my modchipped PS2. I have NO IDEA which modchip my PS2 has, since a friend of mine was kind enough to do it for me, but its one that if you press the reset button twice, it launches a "PS1" (yeh, that helped identify my chip, good going chaofan [​IMG] ).

    I wanted to copy God of War, but I was told by my friend to avoid Dual Layer games. Apparently there was a way to Reduce the Dual Layer game into a Single Layer game, aka DVD9 to DVD5 but I'm at a loss into how to do that. Any suggestions, hints?

    Also, my friend has told me to avoid playing PS1 games as well, but I couldn't resist being able to play out all the games I missed while I was a high-school Nintendo fanboy (these days, I'm a lot more accepting of the other consoles). I managed to find a copy and I've burnt it on a CD, but it reads it, the log pops up and it doesn't do anything else after that. Any ideas?

    I've been using:
    -Alcohol 120%, as the burning program
    -Sony DVD-Rs
    -TDK CDs

    Any help would be appreciated. Thanks for all the help in advance guys!
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    Having to press reset twice means you have a older no swap chip , newer ones auto detect disc type. Doesn't narrow it down much , but you can at least eliminate it being a matrix infinity (or clone) , crystal chip , dms3 or dms4. As for dual layer games , there is no reason to avoid them , although there isn't that many anyway. As for ripping them down to dvd5 , it can be down , but there is no universal tool or anything , it's different for each game. Just search X game rip kit , or X game dvd5 or similar and you'll find many tutorials. Other way is just to do a direct copy to a dual layer , to do that you'll have to patch the image with the toxic dual layer patcher (unless your chip auto patches) , then burn as normal. Although considering you have to double tap reset , I doubt your chip supports dual layer backups.

    As for playstation one games not going anywhere after the logo , I'd guess it's either your media or that game doesn't work properly on ps2.