Brownie Brown wants Mother 3 on DS

Discussion in 'User Submitted News' started by granville, Jan 21, 2009.

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    Today, game developer Brownie Brown said it would like to make a DS version of Mother 3 for western audiences to enjoy. Shinichi Kameoka, President of Brownie Brown said this:

    “I’d like to try making games for the Wii. We’re optimistic about it and looking into it.”

    “ (concerning WiiWare) we’re really interested.”

    “If we were asked to make one [a DS version of Mother 3], then we would definitely like for fans abroad to play the game.”
  2. DeMoN

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    Unfortunately Nintendo really doesn't give a crap about what game developers want. Just look at poor Bob.
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    Yes and

    "Unfortunately Nintendo really doesn't give a crap about what customers want."
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    Nintendo isn't the only company that publishes DS games. All Nintendo has to do is put a seal of approval on it and rake in money, they're just not willing to do the localization their selves. The thing is every else is just as willing as Nintendo. "Can the money made from a Western release justify the costs?"

    Also this doesn't have a thing to do with Bob. Wrong thread?
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    Mother 3 only on DS I'd jump at in a heartbeat. Hell, even if they finally released it on GBA would even do. But What I'd like to see most is a mega pack. Mother 1-3 on one cart. They already got their Earthbound 0 script, and their original Earthbound one, just need to make one for the latest and bundle them together and watch the money roll in. Not sure of the technical aspects, but they already had a Mother 1+2 pack for GBA in Japan, and of course Mother 3 was on GBA as well, and the DS should be similar enough I think that porting that code with some minor differences should be simple. Hell, if not, I'm sure they could do it.

    Of course I'm just dreaming, and we'll likely not even see Mother 3 alone, let alone a fanboy's wetdream mega pack. *sigh* I can dream...