Broken ML:DT save, need help please

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    while playing Mario & Luigi: Dream Team (US), after ~30 hours (and with the latest backup being a few weeks old, of course) I now have two problems that hopefully someone on here might be able to help with.
    The save game is attached, slot 1 is the one in use.

    1) The characters don't level up any more. They receive XP, but the XP bar never increases. After noticing this, I found that opening the character stats screen crashes the game, no matter what.
    2) The fight against Zeekepper requires gyro movement cr*p. Unsolvable for me, as after the first gyro sequence (at the latest), the calibration goes all weird, and the game doesn't recalibrate again. Means, to avoid the shots, I would need to turn the 3DS until it faces the floor or something like that.

    So my hopes are that someone please would be nice enough to get me past that boss fight and possibly even fix the levelling up part.

    Thank you :)


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