Broken Hinge question

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  1. mehmile

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    Feb 20, 2009
    So, I recently just broke my right hinge on my DS lite, actually, I have 2 DS lites and they broke both on the right hinge. [​IMG]

    So the actual DS plays and works find, so I was just wondering if I should just let this go, cause if I just flip both DS lites upside down, the top screen would just flip right open all the way, and I've seem some extreme broken hinges where it led to both screens being completely separated. So I was wondering if I can just replace the shell case, and it would be all better?

    And if YES, then I was looking through some DS lite shell cases, and I saw a few that looked really good, one being the Magnum Chrome SHOCK! case, which it's really expensive, and a good priced honeyee DS lite case. I wanted to know if theres any selected trusted places to buy these things, and maybe any places where I can buy the Magnum Chrome SHOCK! case for a cheaper price.
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    Nov 8, 2007
    I do not speak from experience, how ever i would say it is safe to just replace the case, as long as none of the wires or ribbon cables are damaged, i know of some ds with cracked cases that only if you hold the screen at a perfect position will it display, otherwise its stuck on glowing white, or not at all, i would suggest for now to use it sparingly if at all just to be safe.
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    Nov 25, 2008
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    The DS's have that stupid flaw that make the right hinge always break when its dropped or w/e.Replacing the case would be your best bet to make the screen stay in place.Just be careful how you do it and follow this guide .Oh yeah and good luck.
  4. Kittymat

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    Oct 16, 2008
    Relace the case and all will be better, for cases I use dealextreme, cheap but slow!!

    If you leave it the cable for the top screen will eventually break as the screen is moving a lot more then if the case was still in one piece.

    When buying if you are changing the colour of the case, replace the touchscreen as it is nearly impossible to get the coloured surround off without damaging the touchscreen, Oh and dont forget the tri wing!