Bravely Default delayed until 2014 for Europe

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    Accompanying Nintendo's financial reports today were additional details regarding upcoming releases for the 3DS and Wii U. The list includes a release date of 2014 for Bravely Default: Flying Fairy in both Europe and North America, despite previously being announced for 2013 in a European Nintendo Direct broadcast.

    This news is likely to disappoint quite a few people. Last year, somebody from the UK created an online petition to try and convince Square Enix and Nintendo to bring the game to the west.

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    In the words of Cartman, 'Dude, this is f*&king weak...'

    Speaking of delayed games, what the hell happened to the 3DS Chocobo Racing game? It was announced alongside the console and to my knowledge never officially cancelled, it's just kinda...vanished. What gives? I WANT 3D CHOCOBOS, DAMN IT!
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