Both of Nintendo's Consoles Print Monies!

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    June Console Sales in US & Canada:
    DS - 561,000 (Holy crap!)
    Wii - 381,000 (Starting to print money!)
    PSP - 290,000 (I think we can consider the PSP a success)
    PS2 - 270,000 (Does anyone not have one of these?
    360 - 198,000 (Still doing well after 2 years)
    GBA - 113,000 (Again does anyone not have one of those yet?)
    PS3 - 98,000 (Ouch! Still not too bad)

    Software Sales for June In US & Canada:
    Mario Party 8 Wii - 426,000 (Not bad seeing it got really bad reviews)
    Wii Play Wii - 293,000 (Everyone seems to want another Wiimote)
    Pokemon Diamond DS - 288,000
    Pokemon Pearl DS - 214,000
    Forza Motorsport 2 360 - 197,000 (Still not played this sucker)
    Guitar Hero 2 PS2 - No Sale Data
    Guitar Hero 2 360 - 147,538 (You'd expect it to not do so well now seeing 3rd game is round the corner)
    Pokemon Battle Revolution Wii - 157,000 (Not bad for something again not scored well)
    Resident Evil 4 Wii - 150,000 (Pretty good for a port and for something on sell for 10 days that month)
    The Darkness 360 - 146,386 (Pretty good but I didn't really like this game that much)

    Also in Japan last weeks chart was just full of Nintendo DS & Wii titles.

    Over in the UK last week the DS & Wii are doing very well against the movie cash in games:

    1 Harry Potter and The Order of The Phoenix All Formats
    2 Transformers: The Game All Formats
    3 More Brain Training From Dr Kawashima DS
    4 Big Brain Academy: Wii Degree Wii
    5 Wii Play Wii
    6 Shrek The Third All Formats
    7 The Darkness 360
    8 Dr Kawashima's Brain Training DS
    9 Cooking Mama DS
    10 Tiger Woods PGA Tour 07 All Formats

    Mario Strikers, RE4 and Mario Party 8 are all just outside of the chart.
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    I had not got my book'o'stats for previous years available but those are some good sales for summer months.
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    Wow that's pretty impressive!

    I hope they divert some of that profit into making some great new games!