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    Sep 19, 2013
    you know thoose threads with 20+ pages off stuff and you read some pages then right in the middle there is this helpfull reply that you find it has important information?
    or that single small question thread which a member replied with rare information, which will be forgotten and digged in the middle of the 3ds cfw forum

    so next day or some time later someone comes asking a question which that specific reply you noticed could answer that user, however you forgot where you found it... you try to search it back but either you spend loads of time in the search or you will not found it anymore...

    so what if we could have a "favorite" or "bookmark" or "save" button, which saved theese remarcable posts in a list (we could use my blog design) so the user could check later with linking back to the original thread?

    i could use this for example to save those long but full of information posts of fasts6191 which i read and later forget what he said...
    or in case a member posted a cooking protip, i could save it for fast checking it later

    this could be an extended feature or upgrade of the multiquote?
    currently we can save posts for multiquote but once we use them, they disappear.. multiquote is really usefull when you are reading a single thread and quote multiple mensages to direct reply them... however it's not usefull if you plan to use it as a "save for later" feature..
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    Someone once said that PM systems on forums are like a crappier version of email and I can't help but feel this is similar, doubly so when in the modern world your browsers do have the option to sync tabs and bookmarks and history between devices (I mean I would not be caught dead using such a feature but those more inclined to broadcast their lives...). Creating another table in the database and implementing such a feature would possibly be annoying for the gain it provides.

    As a sort of fix then if you click the number next to the like button it will provide a direct link to a post, visit the thing it provides and bookmark that. It might not survive a forum upgrade if there is another big one (it should dump you back in the thread in question but maybe not to the post/page in question). Also when you bookmark things you can right click and select properties, in that there is a little option for description but I often use it for notes.
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