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    Recently posted in a Chrono Trigger thread that's been discussed a million and a half times...

    Is there a way to implement this here??

    As soon as you tab/click out of the "Topic Title" entry, a list of relevent topics shows up underneath... I know this kind of mod exists, they have it over at just wondering if this could be tossed in here... would save a TON of noobs being flamed...
  2. Costello

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    Oct 24, 2002
    yeah sounds like a good idea actually! [​IMG]

    *adds the idea at the bottom of the list of ideas, which already has over 9000 entries* [​IMG]
  3. dice

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    Oct 26, 2002
    I was thinking of the exact same thing after just browsing another forum that had this feature (seriously)
  4. UltraMagnus

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    Aug 2, 2007
    in theory its a good idea.

    but the current default theme for this site uses a shitty google search to decrease sever load. unfortunately a mod like this would probably have to use a normal IPB search, and increase server load massively.
  5. Narin

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    Yes, a mod like this would put a great dealof strain on the GBAtemp servers due to the sheer number of posts and data it would have to go through. It would require a massive overhaul of the forum and add similar topic cacheting, updating the data every time a new topic is posted and so on. It would require a lot of work to implement this in a feasible fashion on a large, high traffic forum on an Invision Power Board.

    Though this could be easily done, lets say using a new forum software like vBulletin which has this feature built into it and doesn't strain the forum as it would under IPB.