Beware of Ebay SD cards

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    Dec 10, 2008
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    Well today I decided to put one more rom onto my 4gb Kingston card, but I hit a snag:

    "ERROR: Cannot find the requested sector"

    "OMG, its a brand-new Seagate 160gb sata 2.5"! How is it DEAD alreadY??!!"

    I GOT A 2GB CARD FORMATTED/LABELED AS A 4GB CARD. After checking my harddisk 5 times, I figure its my reader (I have 4 diff units I try), then when i reformat it with the HP tools, it can't go past 2gb. This is all a month after the white writing on the front rubbed off the 2rd time I touched the card, and after I found a part # under the rear sticker that was the same as other people's generic 2gb cards. I thought nothing of it until now, as it could have been a quality check # or something. Unfortunately I needed mine right away, so I got it from the ebay user "blue_daisy10". I figured they're in Texas, so shipping is fast (it was), never thought it would be a bogus card though. Luckly I ordered another from DealsExtreme for a backup Kingston at the same time. THAT card works fine to 4gb, is labeled differently, and works a little faster - just took a month to get. Luckly I have 3 days left to file a paypal complaint.

    In closing, TEST YOUR NEW SD CARDS TO THE LAST MEGABYTE. If not for wanting to try Chrono Trigger, I'd be S-O-L. I figured this was the best subforum to post to, since it relates directly to the flash hardware.

    Cliff notes: Taiwan Kingston labeled/formated as a 4gb card can only be used up to 2gb, and only reformats to 2gb with ANY program.
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    Oct 16, 2008
    Another plus point to using panasonics sd formatter, start it up with the sd card connected and it instantly tells you the REAL size (you don't even have to format the card if you don't want to). I ordered 5 x 8gb and when I routinely put it into the computer with the formatter, came up as 1GB. I got a full refund and told to keep the cards - so ended up with 5x1GB cards, for free.