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  1. Taik

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    Jul 13, 2008
    Hi everyone
    I'm going to buy a DSi on the April 3 .
    I want to know which is the best linker for it.
    I have a DSlinker for my old DSPhat (Ncard clone) but it's REALLY bad so I don't want another shitty Linker ^^


    EDIT : I'd prefer one that has cheats in case of copy protection lol

    And can you tell me if DSi linkers works with DSPHAT ? (just to know)
  2. Zerotance

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    Jan 24, 2008
    The United Kingdom
    No it doesn't and the dsi has no gba slot. The only flashcards working on it (from what I remember) are the Ak2i and EZVi, and maybe the DSTTi but no-one knows.
    I would recommend the AK2i which you can get here:
    And the EZVi here (for full kit)
    or the one with just the card here:

    The GBATEMP team has a review on the AK2i here:
    and the EZVi is the same as the ezflash 5+ except you can play it on a dsi

    2nd Question. Answer: YES