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    Seemingly region free.

    Cartoon network games have been all over the map in terms of quality with the console side of things often being on the less than brilliant side of things. How this will stack up remains to be seen although few will expect things of 16bit era Disney quality. Mobygames list for the company


    Trailer with a fair bit of gameplay

    Ben 10: Ultimate Alien XBOX360 CCCLX
    REGION FREE! go crazy.
    Ben is now an international mega-star super hero after his secret identity 
    was revealed. Equipped with the new Ultimatrix, Ben must travel across the 
    globe to gather ancient Galvan artifacts to save Earth from destruction. 
    Take control of Ben and 15 new alien forms from the ULTIMATE ALIEN series 
    and travel through various real world locations such as Tokyo, Paris, and 
    Rome in the new 3-D action-adventure game BEN 10 ULTIMATE ALIEN: COSMIC DESTRUCTION.
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    I have tried to get this to run, but still cannot get past from the Mixed Media Disc load screen.
    Have tried at 2 x and 2.4x with Imageburn running the .dvd file
    using same media as always worked in the past.

    Still Mixed Media Disc.
    so deleted the .dvd and went manual and added the
    tools-->settings-->write-->layer break. Check user specified and set it to 1913760

    Still same problem.

    Is there something i'm missing here, or is it a bad dump ?

    Ok, Seemed to be the Winrar
    Downloaded newer version and worked like a charm.