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    discuss .

    my friends were discussing the game . with me being a PC gamer and a console gamer , i've been trying to debate which one to get . i searched up some news , and there were a few things that caught my eye :
    point 1 : up to 64 players on PC while on a console only 24 .
    -> i've never had a problem with having that many players xD . i've played with a 50 player cap on CoD4 and it's not that bad . you just need to think a little smart rather than rushing to your death . in Bad Company 2 , i believe i've played in a 48 player server too . so if in Battlefield 3 there is a 64 cap , i can expect larger maps .

    point 2 : going prone .
    -> how do you feel about it ? with Battlefield 3 trying to have both realism and fun , i don't think we'll have a problem with prone . if it's realism they want , then you can expect an animation that doesn't allow you to shoot like in CoD and you are actually going prone .

    point 3 : FrostBite 2.0 .
    -> were us Bad Company 2 gamers beta testers ? either way , i look forward to what aspects DICE will add to their new engine .

    feel free to discuss any other points . those are just 3 that caught my eye .