Auto Load A Specific Rom With Emulators

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    Yet another edit [​IMG]

    I WILL tidy this up when I get time....

    Anyway, I thought others might like these so I'm gonna add some links and do some reading up etc.

    The POINT of these, well depends on the user. Me for example I am going to make a few .dols that are multi loaders (depending on what button is held)
    Then put the dol in an iso and then into a USB loader.

    An example.. Zelda.iso
    Hold A on Wiimote = Load Zelda TP Wii Game (using cfg loader)
    Hold A on GC Pad = Load Wind Waker (I have a WODE)
    Hold Y on GC Pad = Load Majoras Mask WiiWare (using Triiforce)
    Hold X on GC Pad = Load Oracle of... etc (using gba emu)
    Hold Y on GC Pad = Load A Link To The Past (using snes emu)
    Hold ## = Load some Zelda flash game using Opera (bootopera)
    etc, etc and etc
    1 iso in my loader to pick any zelda game.
    I'll do this for the zeldas, marios, sonics (if I can get the sega emus behaving), metroid and some other franchises that have multiple games.

    Other people seem to like adding the .dol to a wad and installing it as a channel. Which takes less blocks than VC, allows more options, saves, cheats and the ability to patch the roms much easier than with VC.

    SOURCES... (I will make clean compiles of these with instructions and host them later)
    GameBoy (inc colour and Advance) -->
    Snes -->
    No other emus yet [​IMG] and I'm too dumb and busy to seem to get them working correctly.
    *I'm just cheating now and copying any emu's .dol over and having it use diff settings [​IMG]

    To use these place a rom in the roms folder, and saves in the save folder (if you have a save)
    Edit the settings.xml to point to the dirs you want.

    As for making a "multi-forwarder" I can post sources for that too (thanks SpaceJump and WiiPower) but I'd need to clean my versions of the code first. (it's a mess). Also you can use Narolez forwarder that supports args for launching specific Wii games (GC if you have a WODE). Also their is WiiCrazys "crap" that can make a .dol for you to autoload a specific Wii/WiiWare/VC game.

    Thanks to ti.teg.tnod.I for editing the sources and of course Tantric (and the other devs) for developing the emus so well.

    If anyone thinks they can mod another emu to act the same, surprise us all

    /wishful thinking
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    Wkd work slimmmmmm. Looking forward to seeing some progress and screenies.