anyone got instructions for Vertigo?

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  1. madeirabhoy

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    Nov 29, 2008
    i know im doing something stupid or missing something.

    got vertigo, looks cool. I know i can use the balance board but for a quick play just used the wiimote.

    the game looks like some sorta puzzler, and the first level i roll the vertigo by tilting the wiimote, the only place that looks like i should go there is a big red circle, so i go there. time is running down. i sit there. time runs down. i press everything. time runs down. i shake the wiimote everywhich way in case im supposed to fire the ball up in the air or dunk it down. time runs down. i die.

    what are the other controls and whats the idea?

  2. Blue-K

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    Jun 21, 2008
    Even I was able to complete the first level...just try, and don't give up after a first try... [​IMG]

    Controlls summary:
    WiiMote: Move
    A: Speed Up
    B: Slow down

    And you have to go to the Finsh-Circle, not only a red circle on the gorund...a finsh circle, with letters that say finish...mhm..hard to descirbe...summary: you wasn't on the finish, search better.