Any interest in making Hakchi for Genesis Flashback?


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Nov 21, 2005
United Kingdom for the post in question.

Sounds like the biggest impediment is going to be opening up to use the usb for debug purposes. Everything else seems like manipulating a basic ini file and a known filesystem embedded in a file (the GPS hacking peeps have been doing that one for years*) which you could probably knock out in a couple of hours with a GUI building program. The killing a process part might be more tricky if the debug program does not readily accept outside input (it should but I have been surprised in the past).

*speaking of GPS part of the reason it required such measures was because apparently Microsoft owned patents on fat32 and the SD cards they all used in turn used that and... if you live in a place with software patents you can't be surprised such nonsense happens. I don't know if the patents have since expired but that may come back to bite atgames if they have not and MS wants to get a bit surly.

As none of these mini emulation boxes seem to do anything particularly interesting, not even a particularly nice basic UI (assuming I can forgive the lack of cheats, free and clear savestates and all the other fun PC emulation brings) and still find myself shocked at their desirability I am probably not the person to ask.

I am also curious about their choice of ROM format. In the past Sega has or has mandated some rather more custom formats than the emulation world uses, however if they have turned a new leaf with the stuff the other year then eh.
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