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    Hello, Everyone.
    This is an information thread I made a few undetermined number of days ago on the forums of another site and thought I could share it with all of you since everyone's a newbie at some point. This is all very general info.

    All the essential sections like CFW installation, updating and downgrading have been added.

    Author's Note: Google is your best friend. It's PS3 Hacking btw. I can't change the title to that though.

    The reply posts are my Change Log in case you missed any major things I may have added.

    This is an extremely long thread so take your time with it.

    Table of Contents

    I.All those little disclaimers you will see on every guide, including this one
    II. OFW Section
    III.CFW Section

    IV. Homebrew and Tools
    MD5 Hash/Checksum Checker by DefaultDNB(An absolute necessity)
    Multiman Homebrews by DeanK(Basic MultiMan additions)
    Condor Updater by CondorStrike(Recovery Menu from XMB)
    Toggle QA by REBUG(Better Safe than Sorry)
    PS3 Tools Collection by Aldos Varga(Over 50+ Tools)

    ReActPSN by Ccregame(ReArm PSN games)
    PSNPatch by Kokotonix(CFW Cloak)
    RetroArch by
    TheMaister, Squarepusher, TwinAphex, and several other great people(Multi-Core Emulator for several different console and handheld systems)
    PS2 Classics Placeholder Used in conjunction with PS2 Classics GUI
    Contol Fan Utility (Regulation of temperature of PS3's CPU/RSX)
    V. Credits Section (For General Sites, Guides, and Whatnot)
    VI. Downgradable/Hackable PS3 Models Charts

    Things that will be repeated on every guide ever.

    I strongly advise you to look at several guides or threads for mental confirmation.

    Like all the other PS3 Jailbreaking Guides, I am not held responsible for any bricks that may occur. It most likely happened due to human error that you failed to notice.

    A Friendly Reminder: Do not Hotlink any of the Download Links/Mirrors. Link directly to the sites such as Tortuga and REBUG. If you really appreciate them you would direct your traffic to their sites.

    I do not claim any guides or DL links are mine. I give credit where it is due. I'm not an uploader.

    People Attempting to Install CFW must READ The Entire OFW section. Try to Retain Any Information you read as it will help you later in the Guide.

    OFW Section
    Basic Questions. Q&A
    What is OFW? What is CFW?
    • OFW stands for Official Firmware and, as the name implies, it is Sony's official firmware that they developed to run their system.
    • CFW stands for Custom Firmware. It is modified firmware to allow the PS3 to perform tasks it was not meant to perform such as playing backup games, for example.
    OK. What do I need to get started?
    • You need a PS3 with OFW 3.55. There is no workaround for it since Sony patched the exploit in 3.56.
    • A USB Drive. Format it to FAT32. You will always be using this for changing firmware, installing and running homebrew, and using it as an external backup storage device.
    • I recommend SanDisk since it's the easiest one to purchase and get a nice 4GB or even larger if you plan to put a few game backups on it.
    • Get two of them. One for normal storage, homebrews, and backups and a second empty one for future CFW installations and/or transferring very large files.
    • Format the 2nd Empty One every CFW Installation/Update.
    My PS3 is "insert OFW here," can I jailbreak it?
    • You can't jailbreak directly off firmwares higher than 3.55. No Butts about it.
    • You can, however, downgrade the firmware. Refer to the Downgradable/Hackable PS3 Mdoels at the very bottom for model numbers. Jump to Downgradable/Hackable PS3 Models
    • Alternative method: MinVerChk (Min Version Check) This is a fake update that autofails and gives you your lowest base firmware.
    • Only FATs and early SLIMs can downgrade. Those that were made on 2010 and before. Newer Slims and Super Slims are: No!.
    • I do not recommend attempting to downgrade a PS3 yourself.
    How do I downgrades?
    • Your PS3's base firmware (The original starting firmware that it first had) must be 3.55 or lower. Refer to Downgradable/Hackable PS3 Models and see downgradable min praxis. Jump to Downgradable/Hackable PS3 Models
    • You may downgrade it with an NOR or NAND flasher.
    • The current NOR Flashers are E3, Progskeet NOR, and Teensy++2.0 NOR.
    • The current NAND Flashers are Progskeet NAND and Teensy++2.0 NAND.
    • The E3 NOR Flasher is the only flasher that does not require soldering the PS3.
    • Try Ebay, a few people own Flashers and are experienced with it that sell a NAND/NOR Flashing service. Ones with lots of ratings are preferred since they're more trustworthy. There is no software downgrade. You must downgrade externally for OFW PS3s.
    • Downgrading requires dehashing/resetting the syscon of your PS3 afterwards so ask your downgrader to do it for you. He/She should know since the person is running a flashing service.
    • Ultimate Fool Proof Guide: PS3 Hardware Downgrading by baileyscream if you're confident you can downgrade the console yourself
    • Dehashing/Syscon Reset Tutorial for Downgraded Consoles by Rogero
    There is like over 5 CFWs to choose from. What should I pick?
    • There are many different CFWs you may choose from. The ones I know of are Rogero, Habib, REBUG, Steven, and DARKNET
    • Some have some extra features on them such as Habib's Cobra support which allows you to play PS2 ISOs using a the PS3's native ps2emu files. REBUG has Rebug Toolbox, which you most likely don't know how to use like me.
    • Continued in the next question since I digressed a little. I apologize.
    That didn't answer my question. What should I get as my first CFW?
    • The "Safest" CFW is REBUG since it is the most stable CFW. Rogero and Habib aren't that bad either based on my experiences with them.
    • I have no idea about Steven and DARKNET since I never used them.
    • Rogero is at 4.55 and REBUG is at 4.65.1 Go to Tortuga Cove or REBUG
    • If any of them talk about being "built from OFW" it means the developer used that OFW to create the CFW so it can support your new games that require the new firmware and also give you any software updates Sony has included. Still need 3.55 OFW for all these CFW though.
    What in the Creator's Name is CEX and DEX. What's the difference?
    • There are two version of PS3s. The retail version, CEX, and the developer's version, DEX. You probably have a CEX console right now as DEX consoles cost thousands of U.S. Dollars.
    Just a Thought: Try Ebay
    • If you're thinking of purchasing a PS3 with CFW already there, try PSX-Scene , PS3Hax, or Ebay users with Top Rated Plus on their listings. Top Rated Plus Ebay Users are more trustworthy and most likely are members of the PS3 Hacking community.
    • I coincidentally bought my slim PS3 off a moderator of PSX-Scene over at Ebay.
    • Also buy a SLIM model since FATs are notorious for YLOD due to aging. Lost my first PS3 to YLOD and Slims are great if you maintain them well (Weekly dustings and low power vacuuming of the back area for dust.)
    • Maintaining a PS3 System by Sony Computer Entertainment
    Rough Instructions on CFW Installation
    Some Precautions Beforehand
    • Use a MD5 Hash Checker to Verify all your CFW files. http://www.ps3hax.net/showthread.php?t=51288 MD5 Hash/Checksum Checker by DefaultDNB
    • Use this always to verify CFW and homebrew. If it doesn't match, redownload it again.
    • Remove the Game Disc from your Drive since it also has an OFW Update on it itself
    • Turn off your Wifi and switch Automatic Updating to Off.
    • Format your USB to FAT32 to lower chances of data corruption.
    The Installation
    I have Decided to Remove Links That Lead Directly to CFW threads. I'll still link the general sites.
    You must find specific CFWs yourself! at Tortuga Cove or REBUG.
    For Tortuga Cove, Lurk Forums. Enough Hints. Go find it.

    Your console is very likely to be standard issue PS3 so get CEX/REX versions.

    Rogero 4.55 v1.00
    Habib 4.66 v1.01(w/ Cobra 7.03)
    REBUG 4.65.2 Cobra 7.03 Get REX Edition or REX Edition Lite. http://rebug.me/
    Steven 4.53 v1.01

    DARKNET 4.66 v1.02 Cobra

    Going to OFW 3.55 (If you're not already there)
    • OFW 3.55 MEGA link Uploaded own link this time since previous one could die.
    • Download OFW from the above link and MD5 Check it. Rename it to PS3UPDAT.PUP.
    • Format your empty USB Drive to FAT32 (Higly Recommended)
    • Put PS3UPDAT.PUP on "Removable Disk Drive Letter"/PS3/UPDATE
    • Remove your game disc if you haven't already. Do same for wifi and Auto Update.
    • Insert your USB in the port closest to the BluRay Drive (The one to the right closest to the Disc/BluRay Drive.
    • Go to XMB->System Settings->System Update--> Update via Storage Media
    • You should be at OFW 3.55. Check your System Information to confirm your firmware.
    Let's Start Doing CFW, Dood!
    • Once you have OFW 3.55, Grab either Rogero or REBUG. Rename the CFW .PUP file to PS3UPDAT.PUP. MD5 Check this File too.
    • In case you didn't read Preacautions, Remove your game disc from your BluRay Drive, Turn off Wifi and switch Automatic Update to OFF.
    • Format your empty USB Drive to FAT32(Highly Recommended)
    • Just install it the same way as OFW 3.55 by placing your CFW in Removable USB DRiVE Letter"/PS3/UPDATE, insert it into the rightmost port and
    • Go to XMB->System Settings->System Update--> Update via Storage Media
    • Check your System Information for confirmation of change to CFW (For example, My System Information says firmware is at 4.55 and it shows Rogero 4.55 on startup)
    • You can then install a backup manager by putting a pkg file on the root of your USB drive (Root is the start folder window when you plugged it in before touching any folders).
    • Breathe a sigh of relief because the hard part is over.
    • http://store.brewology.com/homebrew.php?lang= Go find MultiMan and use the CEX Version for the CFW version you have installed in Files or Previous Versions. Once again, Ignore DEX.
    • Reminder"MD5 CHECK. You'll get into the habit soon enough.
    What Not to Do after CFW/Common Sense of CFW Users
    • If you somehow have gotten PS3 CFW, NEVER UPDATE!!! TURN OFF AUTOMATIC UPDATING.
    • Seriously, if it updates to official firmware, you're screwed. Point of no return.
    • If you want to update your firmware to higher version, wait for your preferred developers to release a newer CFW to update with using a USB drive.
    • If it does go to OFW, you could downgrade it again with an NOR/NAND Flasher but you probably don't know how to flash the NOR/NAND.
    • Don't touch any of the other system folders in Multiman's File Manager unless you have to. If you're just playing backups File Path HDD0:// should be all you actually need to touch.
    • Don't go on PSN too much with CFW. You'll eventually get banned off the Network.
    • Don't use homebrew like Multiman and others while signed on the PSN. Sign in after mounting games and other tasks
    How To Load Games with MultiMan
    • Use USB or FTP to transfer your backups to HDD0:// GAMES. If you don't have it, make a GAMES/GAMEZ folder using the File Manager in MultiMan XMB.
    • .
    • For those who would like to FTP(File Transfer Protocol) to move files directly from your computer to PS3's HDD.
    • How to FTP game to/from PS3 with Ethernet Cable by UrbanAnonymous
    • Be sure FTP Service is on Enable(No Timeout) in MultiMan XMB's Settings
    • [​IMG]
    • .
    • File Manager Basic Controls :
    • Left Analog Stick for Mouse Movement. Right for current window's movement. Cross to select a file. Circle on a selected fiile makes a menu popup for things like Copy,Cut, Delete.
    • If all goes well, Exit File Manager back to the regular Multiman XMB(Not your PS3's), your backup will show up in Games and you can "Mount the game to your BluRay Drive."
    • To mount your game simply select the game and after some loading, you will be sent back to the PS3's XMB.
    • Your mounted game is on the Disk/File Icon named Playstation 3.
    • You mounted and played your first game. Hurrah.
    • If you want more information on how to use Multiman, consult Multiman's beginner guide by Cyan, GBATemp's Lurking Knight. Most of the info there is still very relevant.
    • .
    • Ps3 Backup Compatibility List by PSHomebrew.Net
    • If you have any issues with Backups, Consult this list. Does not have any entries of the newer games from 2013 and after.
    Screenshots of MultiMan
    I added those -[Name Please] extensions to keep track of where everything was

    Extra Information on MultiMan
    1. On Multiman's XMB menu, Triangle will give you a list of commands that you can perform. For Games, it provides shortcuts of the File Manager such as Copy External backup to Internal, Deletion, and Game Properties. Square when hovering over a game takes you to Game Properties.
    2. An option in game properties called BD Mirror (and sometimes a disc) may be required for some games to load/start after mounting. Refer to the compatibility list for which ones.
    CFW Section
    Updating to A Higher Custom Firmware
    • Updating your CFW to a higher firmware is actually very easy since it is similar to installing CFW for the first time.
    • You're updating the CFW using the normal installation method via Storage Media (Remove your game disc and use a formatted USB again. Turn off wifi too. Automatic Updating was never on since forever ago)
    • You don't need to be told this again but MD5 Check CFW.
    • I downgrade when I move to different a CFW build as a precaution but that's just me.
    Downgrading back to CFW 3.55(without QA Flag)

    If you are QA flagged or have QA flagged your console before, you can direct update to a lower firmware. (You can confirm it by doing the button combo).

    If you haven't, downgrader process.

    Rogero Downgrader PUP for any CFW version back to 3.55 by Rogero
    Download Link - Rogero Downgrader Pack
    • I can't explain how to do this better than the creator of the Downgrader. There's a guide in there so make sure to read it.
    • This Downgrader works on all CFW versions 3.55-9.99(firmware spoofer).
    • The downgrade will leave you in a "pseudo-OFW but still CFW" CFW 3.55
    • Meaning you shouldn't update to a higher CFW the instant after the downgrade.
    • Instead, you must update to Rogero CFW 3.55 CFW V3.7 first.
    • This puts you back on actual CFW 3.55.
    • .
    • Make a NOR/NAND Dump(Optional but Recommended) Scroll down to the next section if you want to perform a dump.
    • .
    • Toggle your QA Flag. Jump to Toggle QA
    • Setting the flag will lower the chances of a possible brick when updating your CFW.
    • Make sure QA Flag is on. Go to Network Settings(but don't set up anything, hover over it)
    • Enter Key Combo L1 + L2 + L3(Press left analog stick) +R1 +R2 +d-pad down
    • The trick to do it is L1 + L2 and d-pad down on left hand and R1 +R2 and L3 with right hand.
    • .
    • After that, you are free to install any CFW or OFW you wish to.
    • You can install using recovery mode if you want to. Condor Updater will definitely work on the lowest version CFW 3.55.
    Dumping a NOR/NAND Flash Dump and Validating it
    • Making a dump isn't required. It's just insurance in case of a brick. Keep it somewhere safe and hope you won't need to use it.
    • Use Multiman File Manager to dump the NOR/NAND
    • To dump NAND/NOR: mmOS->Select any file->Open in HEX viewer->[SELECT]->[START]->DUMP LV2(NO)->DUMP LV1(NO)->DUMP FLASH(YES)
    • Perform multiple dumps. This is required. Use different files if you want to. They should produce the same dump anyway.
    • The simplest way to validate dumps is to check the MD5 of all of them and see if they match. If they match, they're either all valid or corrupted. Do this as many times as you like. Proceed to the next step.
    • Validating Flash Dumps by PS3DevWiki
    • Downloads
    • FlowRebuilder by PS3DevWiki
    • HxD Hex Editor by Maël Hörz
    • This is a very complicated procedure and you should do it at least once to familiarize yourself with it. Note: This is for validation purposes. It does not teach you how to patch your dump for use in flashing.
    • For statistic analysis with HxD, 00s is the left line and FFs is the right line. Rest is all that white space.
    • For #2 in the FlowRebuilder instructions, it's the 3rd option, "EXTRACT a NOR dump or an interleaved and unscrambled NAND dump" if you're using v4.2.3.0 like me.
    • .
    • For those with NOR Flashers, refer to the guide below(or above but this one includes patching it for use)
    • NOOB Friendly Tutorial: Easiest way to validate DUMPS and PATCH them - NOR dumps only by studiovpc
    • For those with either a NOR/NAND Flasher, the downgrade guides for the flasher also provide validation and patching.
    • Ultimate Fool Proof Guide: PS3 Hardware Downgrading by baileyscream
    Updating Back to A Lower Custom Firmware
    • You can't go directly from a higher firmware back to a lower firmware. You must downgrade to the beginning and then use a earlier firmware version.
    • Here's the analogy:
    • Say you have a save file. You cannot rewind back in time to an earlier point of your save legitimately so you have to New Game and go to that earlier point in your adventure.
    • So downgrade first then update to Rogero 3.55 CFW V3.7 and finally you can update to any CFW version you choose.
    • If you're on REBUG and have QA Flag enabled, you can update directly to a lower firmware without going through the long downgrade process. You still need to remove game discs like usual.
    HomeBrews and Tools
    Homebrew isn't as dangerous as CFW since there's almost no chance of bricking since you aren't messing with critical system files like CFW installation. (Except maybe Toggle QA but that's totally safe)

    MD5 Hash/Checksum Checker by DefaultDNB
    • Reposting it here for anyone who needs it.
    • Used to verify MD5 of files to validate your downloads.
    • It is an absolute necessity. You cannot complain if you ended up bricking your console with a corrupted CFW update .PUP.
    Multiman Homebrews by Deank (Developer of MultiMan)

    • Multiman Covers - PS3 Game Case Covers that can be used instead of your Game's Icon on Multiman XMB-Game
    • BD-Redirection Reset- BDMirror, an option in Game Properties redirects the BluRay Drive to USB. This resets the redirection back to normal and allows you to play BD ISOs and DVD ISOs.
    • Last Game - As the name implies. Let's you play your last mounted game from Multiman. This is helpful as going back to Multiman for the same game becomes tedious. Don't select it right after installation. Mount a game on it first. Don't say I did not warn you.
    • ShowTime - Multiman's Media Player that can play any DVD/BD ISOs in the BDISO/DVDISO folders, listen to music, and several other features. I don't use it though so can't tell you much.
    Condor Updater 3.1 by CondorStrike

    http://www.condorstrike.com/ Original Site is now defunct

    • Read the Release Notes.
    • This is a homebrew that allows you to run Recovery Mode from XMB instead of using the "power button" normal route.
    • This can be used on any CFW with recovery option (2.50 and above). Emphasis on "can" but I'm not saying it'll always work. Especially with the higher CFWs that have gone out of support.
    • It should black screen then show the recovery menu(like the power button way on Sony's official site).
    • It does not work on the higher CFWs. If it does not work, it'll give you a typical "Could Not Start"error.
    • Visual Guide by Duke Taylor
    Toggle QA by REBUG

    • This lessens the chance of bricks when installing a CFW. It's usually used after a downgrade.
    • I have italicized direct quotes from REBUG's site.
    • Toggle QA will SET/RESET the QA Flag and Token on any 3.41 or 3.55 firmware that has lv1 mmap and lv2 peek and poke patches (which is most of them).
    • To use it, be sure you are on 3.55 CFW firmware. It will not work on OFW firmware.
    • Install the toggle_qa.pkg
    • Run it from XMB
    • PS3 should beep and return to XMB (No beep means it didn't work)
    • Note from CheeseCake: QA Flag will be enabled on 3.41/3.55. Attempting to re-enable on higher firmwares will produce the typical "Could Not Start" error
    • NOTE: Every now and then it will hang on the lv1 patching stage. If it has not beeped and returned to the XMB after about 30secs you will need to reboot and try again.
    • Enjoy.
    • ~ Codename: REBUG
    • Confirming QA Flag is on. Go to Network Settings(but don't set up anything, just hover over it)
    • Enter Key Combo L1 + L2 + L3(Press left analog stick) +R1 +R2 +d-pad down at the same time.
    • The trick to do it is L1 + L2 and d-pad down on left hand and R1 +R2 and L3 with right hand.
    • A menu should come up with "Edy Viewer" "Debug Settings" and "Install Package"
    PS3 Tools Collection
    http://aldostools.org/ps3tools.html by Aldos Varga (aka AldosTools)
    Edit: aldostools left the scene
    Here's my upload of an older version of it. It's still usable

    You can also find all the tools seperately. Ctrl + F to find it. Do not click See downloads at the bottom of the page. It doesn't give all the separate downloads.
    I recommend getting PS3 Tools Collection. It has everything. Save resigning, PS2 Classic Iso
    Conversion, Param.Sfo Editor, PS3 Game Updates(for those of us that want to DL it on PC/Mac instead of slow,slow PS3), and many more things.

    More than 50 Tools at your disposable

    These are just what I use.
    PS3 Games UpdatesBack to PS3 Tools Collection

    Part of AldosTools's PS3 Tools Collection, Main Menu
    If you don't think you need that much stuff or do not have the space for it all.
    This is a game update searcher.
    You type either the Name or Title ID of a game and it provides links to any updates you may have missed

    BruteForce Save DataBack to PS3 Tools Collection

    Part of AldosTools's PS3 Tools Collection. It's under Cheats and Saves folder.
    This is a save resigner. It allows you to resign older saves to work on different PS3 models since most game saves are usually locked to one specific console and no one else can use your save.

    • Activate your PS3 system with your PSN if you haven't already since this will give you a key to resign your old saves with.
    • Save any game with your newly activated PS3 system. This will be the game save you use for resigning older saves.
    • Use a USB Drive and export it to your USB. You'll find all your saves under USB Letter://PS3/SAVEDATA
    • Your USB probably has your old saves on it.
    • Open BruteForce Save Data and direct the File Path to USB://PS3/SAVEDATA so you can see everything.
    • See where it says Set Profile. Scroll down to Configure Profiles and set PARAM.SFO to a Profile. Find the new save you just created at first and use it's PARAM.SFO. Name your profile anything you want because your np_account will be in brackets.
    • You can also "Use Current PARAM.sfo as template.sfo" to make the profile.
    • Your new save should have your Profile on it unlike all your other older saves.
    • Right click one of your older saves and click Rebuild with current profile(Full) or
    • Click a save and press the shiny Rebuild button at the bottom right and click Full.
    • The window will reset and you will see that old save has your new Profile on it and the same np account and PSID if you scroll to the right.
    • .
    • There is the option of resigning it to work on any PS3 account. Right click a save and you'll see "unlock save to work with any PS3 account"
    • .
    • If you want to add Cheats to it, select your game's save then Decrypt PFD-->Decrypt All Files.
    • This will make the file window all green. If your game has cheats on it, you can add them in for that specific save.
    • When you're done, Encrypt PFD-->Encrypt Decrypted Files
    PS2 Classics GUIBack to PS3 Tools CollectionUsed in conjunction with PS2 Classics Placeholder and ReActPSN

    Install ReActPSN on your PS3 first since you will have to deal with RAP files on your exdata folder of USB.
    Jump to ReActPSN
    You have to also install PS2 Classic Placeholder before you proceed. It is absolutely necessary or you will get cannot run PSN errors.
    Jump to PS2 Classics Place holder
    • The placeholder can be deleted after your first game gets installed as your system will have converted your RAP file into the necessary RIF files needed to run PS2 Classics.
    Part of AldosTools's PS3 Tools Collection. , Conversion Tools folder
    If you are like me and want to play PS2 Games, this is for you. It converts your PS2 ISOs into a compatible PS2 classic format. This is for non B/C PS3s
    • First, obtain a PS2 ISO.
    • Input the File Path for the ISO.
    • Add LIMG Sector and Decrypt. Wait for it to finish.
    • It will produce a ISO.BIN.ENC and it will prompt you for a save location. The ISO.BIN.ENC's name is probably very long like ISO.BIN.ENC.ISO.BIN.ENC so go to the folder and rename it to back to ISO.BIN.ENC.
    • Don't close the GUI just yet.
    • Make PKG tab. You can edit the background, icon, and name to change how it looks on your PS3. I usually add pictures and the original PS2's icon off Google Images. Make PKG and select your ISO.BIN.ENC. Wait for it to generate a pkg file. Example of this
    • Install the PKG file on your PS3 with USB.
    • If it's larger than 4GB, FTP it into HDD0://PKG. Install Package Files from Multiman XMB and Queue/Install it. You'll be kicked to PS3 XMB and you can install the pkg regularly like any other pkg files on your USB.
    • Alternate Way: Use PS3 File Splitter to split your pkg file into parts. Use MultiMan File Manager and Cut/Copy the parts together to HDD0://PKG.(Use Cross(X) to select more than one file. Multiman should combine the parts into one pkg file.
    • .
    • Some games DO NOT work. Refer to PS2 Classic Emulator Compatibility List by PSHomebrew.Net
    • If you are using HDMI with a HD TV, turn off PS2/PS1 Upscaling in PS3 Settings. It messes up to loading of some PS2 games and kicks you back to XMB since some ISOs cannot support HD Resolution.
    • Settings--> Game Settings-> PS2/PS1 Upscaling--> Off
    Custom PS2 Classics Images

    PS3 File SplitterBack to PS3 Tools Collection
    Part of AldosTools's PS3 Tools Collection,
    FAT 32 formatted USB external drives cannot store individual files larger than 4GB. This tools splits the folder/files into parts. When you copy the folder or files from USB to internal HDD using MultiMan File Manager, the split files are automatically rejoined during the transfer process.
    • Select Source File or Folder
    • Select Output Location
    • Choose maximum file size for parts and parts extension(Extension doesn't actually matter)
    • Click Split and be patient since large files require more time to split.
    • At the Output location, you will see a copy of split and non-split files in a folder. The files over 4GB have been split while files under 4GB are left alone.
    • Put the folder on your USB and transfer it into your internal HDD (The split files must be in the same folder for them to be automatically rejoined.)
    • .
    • If you have a very small external USB drive, you could use FTP if you have an ethernet cable.
    • How to FTP game to/from PS3 with Ethernet Cable by UrbanAnonymous
    ReactPSN by Ccregame (aka ReActPSN) Could not find this developer's site.

    • Used to activate PSN licenses using .RAP files. RAP files allow you to install PSN Games with no original owner.
    • ReactPSN beginners guide by joshuab. Since I could not find this person's thread either. Settle for a ps3news link. They put this tutorial on many of ps3news' ReactPSN releases.
    • Scroll down to read the guide. Tutorial is apparently for Rogero and REBUG. It should work with any 4.XX firmwares.
    • It requires a PSN account and a working internet connection to download the act.dat. Afterwards you are not required to go back to the PSN ever again.
    • Use this in conjunction with A Certain Magicial RAP DL program since it provides the RAP files you need. Can't link or mention it's actual name since it also provides full pkg/WAREZ of PSN games.
    PSN Patch by Kokotonix at Tortuga Cove.

    [Tutorial]PSNpatch noob FAQ
    I can't explain it that well. Read the Release Notes at brewology and noob FAQ to gain a clearer understanding of this.
    He started numbering by supported CFW version starting with 4.55.
    Version 2.47 and under work for CFW 4.46 and above.

    • From my limited understanding, this masks your CFW as OFW but disables your CFW temporarily so you can't mount games with MultiMan or run homebrews. This is great for people who suddenly want to go on PSN.
    • If you want to play a game online with this on, mount your game on MultiMan first then use this to deactivate your CFW. To reset your CFW, just Restart your PS3 System to undo PSN Patch.
    • It can also unlock PSN games with RAP and EDAT files like ReactPSN but use ReactPSN.
    • This does not stop PSN bans. It merely lowers the chances of it.
    • Use this before signing on PSN. Sudden change of firmware (in the eyes of Sony) equals instant permaban. Don't attempt to use homebrew while signed in.
    http://www.libretro.com/ Original Site

    RetroArch's PKG file can be obtained directly from Multiman's XMB Downloads section (To the right of RETRO) but I'll provide this link anyway since it provides a list of cores.

    A nice little guide by TheMaister, Squarepusher/TwinAphex Three of the developers of RetroArch

    • This is a mult all-in-one emulator for the PS3 where you switch between emulator "cores" to play games from older platforms such as SNES, GBA, GBC/GB, and the Sega Genesis.
    • Roms can be placed anywhere. The best place to put it in is a single folder on either your external USB or internal HDD. Within the single folder, I recommend making subfolders to keep track of where everything is.
    • Choose the core that corresponds to what the ROM you are attempting to run. Once a game has been run with a core, the game will be associated with that core.
    • To change cores and settings, Press Select to bring up to settings screen.
    • Read the guide, it gives way more details like what file extensions are accepted for each core.
    PS2 Classics Placeholder by CaptainCPS-X Used in conjunction with ReActPSN and PS2 Classics GUI

    [Guide] Convert any PS2 ISO to PS2 Classics by Captain CPS-X
    • I might be a bit lazy here but it's the same deal with Rogero's Downgrader. The developer also provides the necessary homebrew links for setting up everything.
    • The guide is actually a bit dated. I'm putting this here because the RAP file is very hard to find.
    • The newer versions of PS2 Classics GUI made everything much easier. As simple as convert and make a pkg file actually.
    • .
    • Use any version of ReActPSN and copy the RAP file to your exdata folder on your USB.
    • Run ReActPSN while holding L1 to reinstall all RAP files again (sometimes the regular do nothing-method doesn't install anything)
    • Install the PS2 Classics Placeholder pkg
    • Run the placeholder once. If you don't get a PSN Store error, it was installed correctly. There's no game on it though so you get black screen.
    • Move back to PS2 Classics GUI Back to PS2 Classics GUI
    • .
    • The placeholder can be deleted after your first game gets installed as your system will have converted your RAP file into the necessary RIF files needed to run PS2 Classics.
    Control Fan Utility by Estwald

    It is a homebrew application that allows you to regulate the temperature of the CPU and RSX of the PS3 by controlling the speed of the console's fan.
    • Use R1 and L1 to switch between the modes.
    • Payload is auto regulation based on set values on speed vs. temperature.
    • MAX is maximum fan speed. Use when you're on the verge of heating up in late 60s.
    Usually use Payload since it's less complicated for the user (me).

    The Credits Section
    The best place to ask around is PSX-Scene, PS3Hax, and Tortuga Cove.
    Notable Links in No Particular Order.

    http://psx-scene.com/ PSX-Scene
    http://www.ps3hax.net/ PS3Hax

    ps3news.com PS3News

    http://rebug.me/ REBUG's official site.
    http://store.brewology.com/index.php?lang= Very nice repository of PS3 Homebrews. It also links you to the developer's site.

    http://www.pshomebrew.net/wiki/Main_Page PSHomebrew. I use their PS2 Classics Emu and PS3 Backup Compalitbility List(See Guides)
    http://www.psdevwiki.com/ps3/Main_Page PSDevWiki
    http://aldostools.org/ps3tools.html Aldostools's website
    www.libretro.com/RetroArch's offical website.

    Ultimate Fool Proof Guide to PS3 Downgrading by baileyscream
    Dehashing/Syscon Reset Tutorial for Downgraded Consoles by Rogero
    Multiman's beginners guide by Cyan, GBATemp's Lurking Knight
    Ps3 Backup Compatibility List by PS3Hombrew.Net Not an actual guide but it will "guide you"

    Validating Flash DumpsbyPS3DevWiki
    NOOB Friendly Tutorial: Easiest way to validate DUMPS and PATCH them - NOR dumps only by studiovpc
    PS2 Classic Emulator Compatibility List by PSHomebrew.Net
    How to FTP game to/from PS3 with Ethernet Cable by UrbanAnonymous
    A nice little guide by TheMaister, Squarepusher/TwinAphex Three of the developers of RetroArch

    [Tutorial]PSNpatch noob FAQ by Kokotonix
    Rogero Downgrader PUP for any CFW version back to 3.55
    by Rogero
    ReactPSN beginners guide by joshuab.
    [Guide] Convert any PS2 ISO to PS2 Classics by Captain CPS-X

    Homebrews and Tools
    http://www.ps3hax.net/showthread.php?t=51288 MD5 Hash/Checksum Checker by DefaultDNB
    http://store.brewology.com/ahomebrew.php?brewid=142 PSN Patch
    http://psx-scene.com/forums/content/condor-updater-3-1-2742/ Condor Updater 3.1
    http://rebug.me/toggle-qa/ Toggle QA
    http://store.brewology.com/ahomebrew.php?brewid=234 Control Fan Utility

    Downgradable/Hackable PS3 Models

    Look for your PS3 Model and check it's minimum downgradable(Base) firmware. Also check whether it will require a NAND or NOR Flasher.
    http://www.psdevwiki.com/ps3/SKU_Models This site is much more detailed on the subject than the pictures.

    Credits for Images go to PS3Hax[​IMG][​IMG]
    Last edited by CheeseCake, May 13, 2016
  2. CheeseCake

    OP CheeseCake GBAtemp Regular

    Jul 26, 2014
    United States
    Now that I think about it, this might be in the wrong section. I'm an idiot

    Moderator. Please move it to PS3 Tutorials&Faqs and if possible, a sticky so it won't get lost in the waves of "time".

    Edit: On second thought, more people come here than Tutorials&Faqs, Moderators, you choose where it goes and can benefit others the most
    Edit 2: Just looked through the thread. Only see links to Tortuga and a Homebrew Sharing Site and mentions of other PS3 Hacking Sites. Don't see any mention of piracy yet.
    I accept all extra information anyone wants to add. I'll edit it in if it wasn't already mentioned somewhere.
    Reading the Forum Rules currently to be in compliance of GBATemp.
    I never saw a thread that summarized everything in one complete thread in Search
    I'm sorry for double posting......
    If I did anything bad, feel free to give me a warning since i'm not sure if you can link CFW sites. Forum Rules said not to mention/link WAREZ so I didn't
    To people that were reading while I was editing to be in compliance. Refresh Page Please since I added some new info like NOR/NAND flasher instead of E3 Flasher. Fixed broken link for Rogero's Downgrader from copy/paste transfer and edit
    Wondering how much edits I did over the past 2 hours. Added a few more warnings in and linked a MD5 Checker specifically for PS3 CFW,Multiman, and other PS3 Homebrews by Default DNB
    Wow almost forgot about the all-important dehashing after downgrade, my brains a mess
    This guide might need some formatting, I'll do it tomorrow morning/afternoon after gathering people's opinions and extra info. Good Night everyone
  3. Cyan

    Cyan GBATemp's lurking knight
    Former Staff

    Oct 27, 2002
    Thanks for writing this.

    I can think of one thing you forgot which can be troublesome for users : When updating the firmware, remove the game from your drive, or it might use the update from the disc instead of the custom firmware from USB.

    Other than that, good info, maybe too much packed together but you are currently writing it. when you think you cover all, try to separate by chapters or make it look easier to find information instead of needed to read from start to the end to find one information. maybe titles etc.
    for example:
    title with [ h ] bbcode

    or more simple with boold/underlined/bigger size letters

    I moved it to FAQs and guide section.
    Here the threads are always sorted by date of the first post, so as long as there's no new guide it will stay at the top.

    Your links are fine, you can link to http://store.brewology.com without problem.
  4. CheeseCake

    OP CheeseCake GBAtemp Regular

    Jul 26, 2014
    United States
    Edited in "For changes in firmware, remove game disc as this will interfere with CFW installation.
    Yea I probably should separate them into an CFW section and OFW section then make a Downgrading subsection, Updating subsection, and Switching CFW subsection for CFW, which will probably all have very similar instructions with different warning tags in bold or a different color if I want to.

    OFW will contain the basics of basic question and i'll make that an question-answer type thing (Although I prefer not to). Most of the warnings will be here though as deemed necessary. ( I was stressing out while researching and making a list of what not to do when I first thought about Jailbreaking. Bought a used PS3 though off Ebay with CFW preinstalled and already dehashed by one of those Top Rated Plus users. And then you wonder "What do I do next?") This all happened last Fall. Old threads are really helpful because it's probably still true after 2-4 years. Like this Multiman beginner's guide that I now notice was created by you.

    Also going to make a guide section because I have several guides I want to credit and add some new ones too.

    BB code header code, How does it work? Going to need that for table of contents.
    Oh....How do I end it?
  5. Cyan

    Cyan GBATemp's lurking knight
    Former Staff

    Oct 27, 2002
    You end it like other bbcodes [start tag]blabla[/end tag]

    I don't think there are any auto-created table of content (it could be an idea for future upgrade/plugins for the forum).
    You have to use the links and anchor tags

    and links to anchors
    I see my MM guide's anchor are not working.
    I'll fix them.
  6. CheeseCake

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    Jul 26, 2014
    United States
    I'll try out this anchoring but I'll most likely only use it to move people to OFW and CFW sections since this will get so very freaking long with the duplicate instructions. It's morning, I'll get to work seperating them to OFW and CFW sections.
    Guess I should try out the anchoring once by making it "jump" to the CFW section.
    I'll color code things later for convenience
    Decided to use bullet points for the start of fomatting, I'll change it later if I get an idea of how it should look like.
    Finished the OFW section.
    THe CFW section shall talk about updating firmwares, switching CFWs and Downgrading.
    I'll also talk about much needed homebrews like ReactPSN and PSN games(Going to includeWord Removed since that's the only place I know of for .rap files), Brutefore SaveData, Ps3 Tools Collection by aldostool
    For now, I'll link the sites so people can go get them.\

    I have decided to remove/replace some links and sections after discussing the WAREZ issue with a moderator.

    ANY HomeBrew or Tools suggestion are appreciated. However, I will have to possibly discuss it before inclusion

    Going to rewrite everything again in Default Font Family since Arial isn't working out for some people. Finished.
    Added a Multiman Homebrew mini section. Fixed wrong link for RetroArch guide. Added minor details to the OFW section.
    Added anchors to Downgradable/Hackable PS3 Models in "My PS3 is "insert OFW here", can I jailbreak it?" and "How can I downgrades"

    Added more homebrew. Planning to add more when I can remember what they were.
    *Lurks Brewology*
    Might expand on the OFW Not to Do List one day.(All of it seems like common sense to me now)
    Added a Updating to Higher Firmware section and Downgrading section.
    Added Updating to Lower Firmware section.
    Moved Update and Downgrade sections above Homebrew and Tools
    Grammar Checked some things. Replace some mis-links. Added a Disclaimer Section at top. Turned some stuff still in Arial into Font Family

    I really need to make a proper Table of Contents at some point since this whole thread is so long.
    Table of Content finsihed. Also added two guides instead of one for NOR Flash dumping and validation in Downgrading.
    Decided to make a new section just for Dumping and Validation
    Minor Change: Added a little more detail in How do I downgrades? because there is more flashers obviously and people won't be stuck with only one option.
    Expanded the PS2 Classics GUI and created PS2 Classics Placeholder section.I forgot that you needed to do this once before proceeding to installing PS2 games on PS3.
    Starting to upload personal screenshots of MultiMan XMB for "How to Load Games on MultiMan"
  7. Santi1031

    Santi1031 Member

    Dec 11, 2011
    United States
    thanks you but quick ? do you think that the ps3 slim will be able to be modded any day soon?

  8. CheeseCake

    OP CheeseCake GBAtemp Regular

    Jul 26, 2014
    United States

    I have a Slim right now. The older Slims made on 2010 and before can be hacked/downgraded since their base firmware is 3.55 or under.

    I cover it in the Basic Q's section
  9. CheeseCake

    OP CheeseCake GBAtemp Regular

    Jul 26, 2014
    United States
    Added much larger images for Downgradable PS3 models charts and updated the listed CFW versions to current
  10. weatMod

    weatMod GBAtemp Psycho!

    Aug 24, 2013
    United States
    will have to give this a thorough read later, i am looking to update my ps3 to lated CFW from 3.41 JB
    one mistake i noticed is you say to put USB with FW into the right most port closest to the bluray drive, im not 100% sure but i think this is only for models with 2 USB ports , mine has 4, i think it goes into the 2nd one to the right not the 4th one on far right for 4 usb port models , but im not 100% sure
  11. CheeseCake

    OP CheeseCake GBAtemp Regular

    Jul 26, 2014
    United States
    Basically the USB port closest to your Blu-Ray Drive aka most rightest(if that is even a word)
  12. weatMod

    weatMod GBAtemp Psycho!

    Aug 24, 2013
    United States
    but i thought that isif you have 2 usb ,if you have 4 it is the second one not the fourth from the left

    i will cocfirm sooner or later when i update , i havent been following the scene lately will i still need to replace eboots for all the games that have replaced eboots to run on 3.41 when i update , or do these new CFW and MM do it for you now? not sure if i will need original eboot files
  13. CheeseCake

    OP CheeseCake GBAtemp Regular

    Jul 26, 2014
    United States
    It is best to get the original Eboots when you update to the newer firmwares since the signed Eboot games won't work anymore.

    About the USB thing, probably the one all the way at the right or 4th from the left since that's the one closest right? What model is this PS3 anyway? Like specific model numbers

    Edit: I'm doing another readthrough of this thread again. I'm going to replace that OFW 3.55 link now since I have 2 MEGA accounts now. I'll use Tortuga Cove's 3.55 OFW upload.
    weatMod likes this.
  14. Meezo

    Meezo Newbie

    Nov 16, 2014

    thank you so much for the article, awesome information; i have a question though, i recently purchased a new PS3 Slim model CECH-3003A 160GB that came with a firmware 3.72, do you think that there will be a jailbreak soon? can i update it to the latest firmware and maybe downgrade it back later if a jailbreak came available. i also have a problem: i need to set the time and date every time i switch it one, some ppl said the battery's dead, i don't want to open it up just to change the battery and can not set the time automatically as this feature requires the latest firmware.

    again thanks so much and i appreciate your reply
  15. trumpet-205

    trumpet-205 Embrace the darkness within

    Jan 14, 2009
    United States
    Answer to your first and second question is a no. CFW were possible in the first place because of a big screw up on Sony's side. From 3.56 and upward downgrade is not possible and very unlikely will. If you happened to have a 3.56 PS3 without metldr2 you could install CFW on top of it with the help of a flasher, but no chance at all with a minimum 3.72 PS3.

    Something this thread does not mention, if you have QA enabled you do NOT need Rogero downgrader. That's only for those that didn't enable QA on their CFW.

    Also you do not need to use the MD5 tool linked on this page. Any checksum application will work (and better than the linked MD5 tool).
  16. Meezo

    Meezo Newbie

    Nov 16, 2014

    thank you for your reply; also i heard that if a jailbreak became available for the PS4, it will be also available for the PS3 as they both (the latest versions of the PS3s and the PS4) use the similar security. guess i have to wait :(
  17. CheeseCake

    OP CheeseCake GBAtemp Regular

    Jul 26, 2014
    United States
    I wasn't exactly sure on the QA thing sorry. I thought it allowed downgrading for REBUG firmwares only or does it work on the other CFWs?

    From my information, direct update to lower firmwares are for REBUG only and QA is for dehashing after using Downgrader for Habib and Rogero CFWs.

    Guess I'll add in for Rebug only for now.

    Edit: Also I don't trust Habib's QA Flagging with Habib Toolbox on Habib 4.65 Cobra v1.02 I'm using right now
    Rogero 4.55 does not support QA Toggle, unfortunately. So you actually have to use the Downgrader for Rogero.
    REBUG is REBUG. Full support on QA.
  18. CheeseCake

    OP CheeseCake GBAtemp Regular

    Jul 26, 2014
    United States
    Added some images to PS2 Classics GUI section for clarity on "editing background image, icon, and name"
    I was actually planning to make an entire new sub-sub section but I seem to have written an explanation for it already
  19. baileyscream

    baileyscream GBAtemp Regular

    Feb 22, 2015
    All cfw's have it enabled (if you have activated qa flag in the past)
    This is so you can go down firmware revisions via recovery menu if needed

    Qa flag allows you to go to lower firmwares from any cfw if you had it enabled in the past
    The dehashing is where you use FSM to downgrade or a 9.99 downgrader and the installed firmware does not match the syscons firmware hash check
    Syscon has 4.66 and installed firmware is now 3.55 or 9.99 so you need to make the syscon firmware match the installed firmware
    Using qa flag is the easer and safer way to do this
    But you need to understand it :-
    Qa flag allows any firmware to be installed via recovery menu and at the same time it resets the syscon hash check to match that firmware as its been installed
    So if you downgrade to 3.55 you can then activate qa flag and then install any cfw via recovery and its "de-hashing" at the same time

    So its qa flag that's important not the dehash if you follow me

    Also with qa flag set you have a lot of options
    Take a look at "system update debug" for starters ;)

    You can change that now ;)

    OK a few here

    1. Interesting how Habib is a rebug dev and has figured out how to get qa toggle to work on higher firmwares. Coincidence?
    I trust it

    2. Rogero may not support it but you can install rebug4.65 and use the built in qa enable inside rebug toolbox (Habib's code BTW ;) )
    Also rebug will install over any 4.66 cfw normally so you can get on it if you need to even if your not qa enabled yet

    Good guide :) keep up with it
    I know how hard it gets when the guides get full of bb code and one doesn't work after doing an update
  20. CheeseCake

    OP CheeseCake GBAtemp Regular

    Jul 26, 2014
    United States
    Well changed the overhead disclaimer for Downgrading section to "You can direct update to lower firmware if you are QA flagged or were QA flagged in the past"
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