Hardware AceKard 2i Problem... (Already Updated)


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Jan 30, 2012
Sri Lanka
Okay. I know I've been having problems lately, and so everyone should know that either God hates me (which I doubt), or life itself hates me (true). So, I followed a guide which if I remembered correctly, was on this forum about updating the AceKard 2i. I did it and it went correctly, so I play it normally.
However, today, my baby brother was playing it on a normal DS lite. After he got bored, he said that it would be better on my 3DS (don't ask me).
So I did it, and suddenly, it said something like an error. You know, the message it usually gives when your R4/Supercard/AceKard/whatever isn't update and you try to play it on an already-updated console between DS and 3DS.
I already updated it, but it just said that an error occured. Does it need another update, 'cause I updated my 3DS into Ver4.0.0 7U not long ago... I remembered updating it not long ago. And NOW it chose the time NOT to work? Seriously. Everything hates me.
But it works fine on the DS lite though.
I was wondering if anyone could help me... Please? *cute puppy eyes*

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