Acekard 2i 3DS VS R4i gold 3DS Flashcard

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    As 3DS Firmware updated to 3DS to V2.02.0.0-2?J,E,U),there have some 3DS Flashcard that below V2.0 be blocked.Yet,just some not all,there is a v2.0 working list :

    R4i gold 3DS
    Acekard 2i
    Supercard DSTwo

    So,here i made a comparison of this three flashcart from their commons and difference

    Commons :

    1.Both of acekard 2i 3DS,Supercard and R4i gold 3DS Supports all of models of Nintendo console.
    2.Both of them supports DSiv1.4.2 and 3DS Firmware V2.0.

    Dinstinguish :

    1.though both ak2i,dstwo and r4i gold 3ds can support 3DS,yet the realized ways are different.Acekard2i ,supecard flashcard realized this aim by updating its kernel,the 3ds r4i gold was a new card specially designed for 3DS by its official team.

    2. Ak2i 3DS Card with Anti-fake funcitons,yet,the r4i gold 3ds and Supecard DSTwo didnt have,yet r4i3ds with a faster kernel update to fix some bugs.

    3.R4i gold 3DS Flashcard can supports 3DS V2.0,without updating,yet,the rest two cards need.

    4.Supercard with CPU,yet,the other cards didnt .
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    Not all acekard models suport 3ds, HW44 was never supported.
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    What's your conclusions?