Hacking DS Pokemon Games on Flashcards


Apr 26, 2021

I want to play Pokemon Platinum, SoulSilver, Black/White and Black/White 2, and keep my pokemons in order to send them to Home. The steps would be:

  • From Platinum and SoulSilver to Black/White/1/2 (here I need another DS/3DS)
  • From B/W/1/2 to Pokemon Bank through Poké Transporter
  • From Pokemon Bank to Home
I intend to do this in a non-modified/hacked New Nintendo 3Ds XL (where I have my main account which has Pokemon Bank and Home linked). To do this I have two flashcards: the Ace3DS PLUS and the R4i Gold 3DS Plus, used to modify a 2DS. Right now I have the non-modified New Nintendo 3DS XL, a modified New 2DS XL and another New Nintendo 3DS XL (non-modified, but I could). Here are my questions:

  • I assume that I can play and exchange pokemons between Platinum/SoulSilver and B/W/1/2 with these both games palyed on a flashcard. Is it right?
  • Related to the previous question. I've tested the R4i Gold 3DS Plus and it gives me an error trying to play DS games (I start the game from the 3DS dashboard and it crashes). It doesn't work because I used the flashcard to modify a 2DS before? (the flashcart is in DS mode)
  • Can I use Poké Transporter with a DS Pokemon game that is inside a flashcard?

If for some reason this happens to be extremely difficult or impossible, I think that I could import the data of my Pokemons to PkHex and then create a copy of them in a save of any 3DS Pokemon game on a modified 2DS/3DS, then pass them to my cartridge of UltraMoon then to Bank then to Home.
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