Hacking Acekard 1.8.1 - 3 in 1


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Jun 3, 2009
United States
I have a combination of akAIO, DScovered and Moonshell 2 on my acekard 2i. I did this as I get bored with one menu and like to switch between them often.

All 3 are able to boot on start up and all 3 can run commercial roms using akAIO 1.8.1.

I have the following files in the root of the SD

If I want it to load moonshell on boot I have to rename akmenu4.nds.moonshl to akmenu4.nds. This goes the same if I want to use one of the other 2 boot options

You can still access DScovered, moonshell 2 or akmenu from any of the 3 boot options using the DScovered.nds, Moonshl2.NDS and akAIO.nds files. So you can just flick from one to the other. If you soft reset it will go back to whichever one you have currently set as akmenu4.nds.

A couple of questions.
Is anyone else interested in this?
Can we make a batch file or similar to make renaming of the akmenu4 files easier?
Can I release this as a Distro without getting in the shit as none of the files or work is my own, just the arrangement and renaming and moving of some of the files?

Even better would be to have a sub menu on boot that has the 3 options - Moonshell 2, AKmenu, DScovered, similar to the old R4 boot screen. I think this may have been asked before but deemed impossible.

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