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    Lali ho.

    A few things I need sorting out. Since they're wildly different I'm saving time by creating one topic here in 'general' instead of individual ones in the corresponding sections, or even worse another short novel of a blog. Hope that's ok, if not then move this wherever it goes.

    1) I intend to purchase a PS3 on Friday, to finally put an end to my old man's ability to piss me off by hogging the tv and thus leaving me unable to play Demon's Souls or Valkyria Chronicles. However, I need to know a few things first before I commit to such a purchase.

    - Can I still watch Blu Rays if my TV isn't high def?
    - Which model is PS2 compatable? 60GB IIRC.
    - How much should I be looking to pay for a cheap model? Nothing flash, just anything that'll play PS3 games and Blu Rays.

    2) Anyone who works in Customs either in the UK or Pakistan, GO FUCK YOURSELF WITH A HAMMER. Bastards are refusing to allow my new sword into the country, even though it's a decorative item. You've got more chance of cutting yourself on the box than on the blade. But regretably we're all guilty until proven innocent these days and as such I'm not allowed it in case I'm a terrorist. I'm obviously not a terrorist, but shit like this makes me want to become one to put these people in their place once and for all. Wankers. I already have like, four other swords. All ordered internationally with no fucking problem. But no, this one might be the dangerous one. Yeah, 'course...never mind the Masamune I have in storage...

    3) Is it true that Sonic 4 only has 4 zones? That's kinda piss poor. Even the original had 6.

    4) Traded Ninja Gaiden 2, Tom Clancy's HAWX and Monster Hunter Freedom Unite for Lost Oddysey, Star Ocean Last Hope and FIFA. Good deal or not?

    5) How do I get past mission 16 on Ace Combat X2? It's pissing me off. The one where I have to stop the ship by firing on nearby ships. I always without fail get shot down by the last ship, it has some sort of uber-SAM. Help please.

    6) The games consoles connected to the plasma tv downstairs all exibit an odd problem, patches of static on the screen. Like corrupted data or something. It occasionally happens with the Freeview box but it's most noticable on the PS3 and 360 menu screens. What is it and how do I sort it out?

    That's about it for now. Just a reminder for Customs staff to go fist themselves with a cactus covered gauntlet, and to see if the guy I bought my sword off will give me my money back since he should have looked into international shipping problems before he put it up for sale, really. He's anOK guy though, very helpful, so I shouldn't think I'll have any trouble.


    A severely fucked off Blaze.
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    1) Yes you can still watch blu ray movies on your tv but of course it won't show in hd.

    The model that was ps2 compatible was the first ps3 model to be release, i doubt you can get your hands on 1 of those as they stop making them and pretty much all that was in stock would be sold out by now. Your best bet to get 1 of those is to check Ebay. Even still i won't recommend buying that model because there's reports of bugs pertaining to the ps2 games making the ps2 playback list very limited.

    I think the cheapest is USD$250.00 I'm not sure if it's the 40gig version or the 60gig. the best buy i've seen for the ps3 is the ps3 slim (USD$300.00) which comes with 120gig with no cutbacks to the features of the original ps3.

    2) Can i have that Masamune [​IMG]


    4)if you finished the ninja gaiden then that's pretty much a good deal. By the time you finish that star ocean the other guy is gonna be done with all your games. hahaha. yeah star ocean is ridiculously long. :/ FIFA pretty good online. Don't know much about lost Odyssey.

    5)look for a walkthrough.

    6)Plasma tv's are the worst to play games on. I don't really know why your getting that problem but get a LCD Tv or a LED.

    A better answer can be provided by others. That's the best answers i can give.
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    Nov 19, 2008
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    well, at least i got the money back from my sword. the guy was exceptionally understanding. since it was a fault with customs, not something in either of our spheres of influence, then the money was refunded, the transaction voided and as far as our bank accounts are concerned the entire event never took place. on the one hand i'm severely fucked off that my rather beautiful item will never arrive, but at least my money is returned, possibly to be spent on tasty food and shiny things in the morning.

    now that it's back in my bank account, it should counteract whatever problem my account has stumbled on that left it £12 overdrawn for no apparant reason. it can't have been ebay or in fact anything, because i'm not capable of buying things if using my card will put my account overdrawn, the transactions will always be refused. must be some sort of computer cock up. it's hardly a major issue though. will check when my statement arrives, or when i'm in town next, whichever occurs first. besides, i get paid on friday, at which point a mere 12 pound defecit in my account will be of no significance as my paycheck promises to be fucking epic this month. last month i worked an average of 22 hours a week and earned £550 after tax and ni deductions. this month i've worked closer to 32 hours a week, and i've had a pay rise too. so i should be looking at a rather fat pile of cash. sweeeeeeeet.