A few questions about setting up a PSP Slim

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    After reading the official PSP thread a few times, I have a few questions

    1. The tutorial says that the Pandora's method works for PSP slims but then only refers to PSP phat's the rest of the tutorial. So does the method described in the tutorial work for PSP slims?

    2. I have heard that there is a risk of "bricking" your PSP, what are the odds of this or does it render your PSP useless?

    3. What's the best PSP movie converter out there? A quick search on google brought up several.

    4. Is there a need to convert you PSP games after you download them like the NDS or do you just drop them on your memory card?

    5. I have limited knowledge about computers, but I was able to figure out how to use the M3 player for the NDS, is setting up the PSP more or less complicated?

    6. Any other good tutorial sites out there?

    7. Any other advice you can provide would be greatly appreciated.
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    1. Yes , the Pandora method described works with slims and phat
    2. Yes, there is chance, bricking it means that it won't work when you turn it on. The pandora method is suppose to remedy that as is a "low level" installation of firmware files.
    3. Try PSP Video 9 is from the makers of Videora, the best iPod movie converter out there.
    4. Err... well I shouldn't be answering this. But hypothetically, yes, you can just copy the files, no need to patch or convert.
    5. The Pandora method is the real difficult first step, after that is just copying and pasting files, really!
    6. Yup, try Maxconsole, the best resource for english tutorials IMO.
    7. Don't give up. If you want to have a hacked PSP, just follow the tutorial and you are set. If you don't have a Homebrew capable PSP to help you run the apps, I'm gonna add another Downgrade method soon, so check back often!