Hacking A few noob questions


Sep 2, 2016

Recently I've decided to purchase a PS3 (I know it's a bit late) and I want to run backuped games on it, those are the questions.

1. Since the PS3 Super Slim can only be hacked with Cobra ODE, I've been looking for the PS3 Slim edition, which can be hacked using software method (If I readed correctly), I've called several stores on my city and they aren't selling the slim anymore, the only PS3 console I've found is the ps3 super slim 500gb and the 12gb from a range of 200$-300$, Checked amazon but the only NEW PS3 Slims there are for 400$+. Any place to purchase it new, not secondhanded, for a rasonable price like 200-300?

2. If the answer of the first question is no, and the only new PS3 console I can found for that price range is the Super Slim, then I will take it and install cobra ode on it. With Cobra ODE, I still need to put a original game inside, remove it, add another disc with the cobra needed files, then run the backuped game from HDD?

3. With Cobra ODE I can install some emulators/custom programs for the CFW or I'm limited just to backuped games?

4. With Cobra ODE I can be banned from PSN/console ban if I play multiplayer games?

5. I can run backuped games with Cobra ODE if those games are on a external drive insted of the PS3 internal drive?

6. If install Cobra ODE I lose my warranty?

7. Let's say there is some game that I want to play but is on another language or have extra dlc /modding files that users can make, I can profit from those with cobra or only for CFW?

Thank you very much for reading!
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