[64bit Only] Mupen64Plus GUI For macOS

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    All credits go to the original developer, but since they don't provide builds for macOS (nor does the GlideN64 developer), I took it upon myself to compile them both and create a nifty app bundle that you can just drop into Applications.

    • Keyboard input was not recognized for me, but this may be because I'm using a cheap, third-party wireless keyboard. A corded 360 controller worked perfectly though. Wii U Pro controllers work with this version of WJoy (it also makes them work with other emulators).
    • I didn't modify the UI elements for keyboard macros to reflect the respective macOS keys, so everything in the Menu Bar dialogue is Windowsy.
    • I may fork the project and update the UI accordingly, but this suffices for the time being. Audio, controller input, and gameplay all work as they should. So does the Settings dialogue so you can properly configure everything.
    • There is currently an issue where textures are not being cached properly if the emulator is closed before Glide can fully cache them. If you happen to end up with corrupted texture cache just remove it from the cache directory (see below), or if you don't use custom texture packs, disable texture caching altogether in Glide's settings.
    How do I install it?
    Just place the app bundle in Applications. Everything else is ready to run out of the box.

    How do I add/remove plugins?
    Plugins are stored in "/Mupen64Plus.app/Contents/MacOS". You can manage them here.

    How do I use high resolution textures?*
    (*Textures must be compatible with GlideN64)

    Place your texture packs inside "Mupen64Plus.app/Contents/Resources/hires_textures". Inside this directory is also GlideN64's cache directory, which will contain compressed texture archives. Packs released this way can be placed here.

    Where are my saves?
    By default, Mupen stores saves in "~/.local/share/mupen64plus". This can be changed in Mupen's configuration under "Core".

    I'm using a Wii U Pro Controller and the analogue stick is being weird. How do I fix it?
    Unfortunately, this is a minor annoyance caused by WJoy. All you have to do is rotate your sticks a few times for the deadzone to be determined before running a game and you'll be good to go. You'll only have to do this once.

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    Updates - The Latest Release Will Always Be Attached to the OP

    November 29, 2017
    • Bundled commit 37cc010 to GlideN64.
    • Bundled commit 47df0c2 to mupen64plus-core.
    • Bundled commit df0ed9a to mupen64plus-gui.
    • Fixed controller paks not working.
    • Updated Mupen's cheat file and ROM database.
    • Cleaned up and organized the app bundle directories and files.

    November 16, 2017
    • Compiled and bundled all latest commits (as of 11/14/17) to Mupen64Plus.
    • Compiled and bundled the latest commits (as of 11/10/17) to mupen64plus-gui.
    • Bundled Mupen64Plus's ROM DB file (oops).
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