Hacking 3in1+ "vibrates" on DS power-up

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Jan 3, 2008
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my 3in1+ (a new sample provided by EZ Flash which is “new” to me) vibrates in high rumble when the nds is powered-up. it does not always do it but a majority of the time it does. sometimes it does it and if i remove the card and then plug it back in after i boot into the nds firmware it works, but at that point can only be detected by the flash kit which has yet to boot (meaning i can’t boot whats in nor from the nds firmware). sometimes i can take it in/out/in/out of the nds and it continues to vibrate. it seems to happen most often if i power cycle quickly (ds off/ds on), but it also happens if the ds hasn't been used for a few minutes.

i should also mention that i have a 3in1new and it works perfectly fine on the same ds. i've tried booting with different flash kits inserted incase its a power issue.

i was curious if anyone had a similar problem? i'm looking for a way to fix this.

-another world
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