3-in-1 - help me do the file size math

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    i have problems thinking in mbit vs. mbyte. i need a bit of help to understand how to correctly use my 3-in-1.

    onboard ram (psram) is 16 mbytes (16 * 8 = 128 mbit).
    so any gba rom with a physical file size of 16 MB or less can be flashed into the psram, and only 1 rom at a time can be in this ram.

    the NOR is 32 mbytes (32 * 8 = 256 mbit).
    so any gba rom with a physical file size greater than 16 MB has to be flashed in the NOR, again only 1 rom at a time can be here.

    now with patches:
    is there a list of gba games (somewhere) that must be patched because of their save type. also as i'm not familiar with this where can i look for patches and guides.

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    Any game that does not use an SRAM save type must be patched. GBA ExpLoader will do this automatically, or you can use GBATA, BatchGBA, or the EZ4 Client if you're using a different loader (just don't use the EZ4 Client with GBA ExpLoader or the 3in1 ExpPack Tool; you will lose saves). GBATA will tell you the save type, or you can look it up on a release list like this one or this one.

    You are correct about the bits vs. bytes and the memory sizes.
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