Ysmenu etc on iplayer ?

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  1. Notyalc

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    Aug 10, 2009
    Well - I'm considering buying an iplayer for my DS, but I thought I ought to ask whether there's a way of getting any sort of menu to work on it to boot commercial roms.

    I thought it worth asking if it might be Ysmenu or something - I don't mind what menu/firmware really, just would thought be useful to have things working in some workable way.

    I thought it might be possible to get something to work in some way.

    Especially as you can do things like this on other cards:

    Like on my R4i SDHC, for newer games (M&L3, KH358/2) I have the TTmenu running by changing I think the .dat to .nds (changing the filename - I can't remember)
    But I'd have thought a method like this would work to some degree.

    So anyone know of anything like this?

    If nobody knows of anything that works - people could try different firmwares (it works on my R4i sdhc with at least a .nds representing it...)

    Anyway thanks for reading - looking forward to your responses!
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    Nope, at the moment there's no way to run commercial NDS roms the iPlayer.