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YouTube Injectuwad Flash Injector v3 - v.3.11. BETA Release | YouTube Video WAD Maker

Hello guys, Is me mrt84! And today I am made the YouTube Injectuwad Flash Injector v3 application that allows you to create YouTube Video WADs on your Wii. YouTube for the Wii is back and a 2 way you can watch YouTube videos again on your Wii by injecting a converted SWF into a WAD. Here is the few things to get this working on your Wii.


I am not responsible for any damages if you brick your Nintendo Wii or Wii U from doing this tutorial wrong if you have a Brick protection for the Wii or vWii (Wii U).

Few things you need:

1. YouTube Injectuwad Injector v3: http://www.mediafire.com/file/76g0nhcsajmdokg/YouTube+Injectuwad+Flash+Injector+v3.rar/file

2. y2mate: https://y2mate.is/ to Download the YouTube video

3. A Converter:

1. Convertio:

2. Aconvert:

4. Wii.cs Tools (Required):

1. Downloading a YouTube video.

Copy the YouTube video URL and go to the website called "y2mate" & then you open up the website and you paste the YouTube link here make sure you choose "480p" or lower resulution & download the video.

2. Converting the MP4 to a SWF.

Go to any SWF Converter website for example is "convertio" clikc "Open" & find the video that you downloaded & click "Convert" once is done then click "Download" on the right & name your SWF "wii_shim.swf" & click "Download" again & name your SWF to "wii_dev_shim.swf" & save 2 of them in the "YouTube Injectuwad Flash Injector v3" & paste it in the "SWF" folder.

3. Unpacking the WAD go to the "YouTube Injectuwad Flash Injector v3" folder open up "WiiWAD.exe" if it doesn't open up then try downloading my Tool in the top that says "4. Wii.cs Tools (Required):"

4. Injecting the 00000002.app

Open Up the "02AppInjector.exe" & choose "Unpack" & choose the 00000002.app & click "Unpack".

Replace the 2 SWFs & copy that you converted that has "wii_shim.swf" & "wii_dev_shim.swf" & replace it in "YouTube Injectuwad Flash Injector v3\WAD\base\00000002.app_OUT\trusted" & click "Paste" & click "Replace" pack the 00000002.app back up & then pack the WAD with all of it's contents"

5. Playing your iNJECTED YouTube video or Flash iNJECT.

Before installing any WAD be sure you have backup before attempting this!


Created by mrt84.
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