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Discussion in 'R4 DS' started by pop5023, Apr 27, 2011.

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    i got a r4isdhc card but now a lot of new game cannot play.It is from www.r4isdhc.com and the firmware is 1.17b and 1.19b.There is not update from the official website already,if there possible to update the kernel myself?How to use dstt menu or ys system to run as main system on it?I try to do but until now cant success.If anyone know how to do please tell me thank.Sorry for my poor english ,thank you .
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    Firstly - to check, are you sure that v1.17b and v1.19b are the latest OS for your card...

    According to http://www.linfoxdomain.com/nintendo/ds/ the latest version is v2.0.0.8 and looking at the web address you've given, the r4isdhc card has a firmware of v2.0.14

    The v1.17b seems to be for the R4iSDHC Original while the v1.19b is for the R4SDHC Original.

    You MIGHT find that your card may work with the v2.0.14 since many R4 cards are 'old stock' with upgraded 'headers' to work with the 3DS. Have you tried that version ? (remember to backup your memory card first though)
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    As above, also maybe try YSMenu, it's a good loader for R4 clones with excellent compatibility. Or R4 Wood. (not sure it will work with wood though).