WWDC 2012 Recap!


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Feb 18, 2012
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Tim Cook started off by saying that 400 million accounts and 600 million apps are on the app store, of which 225,000 are iPad-capable. That was hardly any news compared to the rest...

Mac stuff:
  • At about 10:16 A.M, Tim Cook announced the new Macbook line and OSX Mountain Lion updates
  • He gave the stage to Phil Schiller, who started off with the Macbook Air
  • The Air recieved a major boost; it got upgraded to Ivy Bridge. Up to 2Ghz, 3.2Ghz with turbo boost
  • The integrated graphics are 60% faster; with a maximum SSD capacity of 512GB!
  • They added USB 3.0, and updated the facetime camera
  • The Macbook Pro got updated as well to Ivy Bridge, with 2.7Ghz without, and 3.7Ghz with, turbo boost
  • It got updated to USB 3.0 as well, but now the sizes are 13 and 15 inch only :(
  • Alongside this, Apple released another Macbook Pro, with a Retina Display, really thin body, 16GB ram, and more!
  • Dictation, Safari, blah blah blah I don't have time for this
At this time the stock went up 0.5% :)

Now iOS recieved a part in the show as well...
  • iOS6 was announced, and Apple ditched Google Maps for its own 3D navigation app!
  • Siri can tell sports scores now, and it learned more about restaurants
  • And movie star questions, for those gossipers out there :)
  • It can finally launch apps!
  • And Siri's on the new iPad
That is all.

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    Be a good chance for Soulja Boy to show off his new game system.. The SouljaGame console 3.0
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