Wreid PS4 "gpu artifacts"

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    Hello, first I apologize for using the google translator, my English is not the best haha.

    Recently acquired a PS4 of a known, it also claims he was never opened for repair or something similar.

    I'm having strange experiences with the console: He's with the reader damaged discs, so far ok.

    So the logic I could play the games downloaded from the PSN.

    The problem is this: Low games typically, however, roses and green artifacts appear on the screen, but the funny thing is that only in the game! If I go back to the menu by pressing the PS button, the artifacts disappear. Pressing again to return to the game they appear as if they were something normal game. (I downloaded Olie OlliOlli 2 and Spelunky and both had it).

    Digging I found that also appeared artifacts in the browser. Using it with the artifacts the browser automatically closed ...

    Digging again, open the browser without the internet and the artifacts did not appear!

    But I can not test the games for the use PSNPlus, then they need to be run with the Internet enabled.

    Someone heard a similar situation or have experienced this?

    This my friend did an exchange with me, I offered him my PS3 unlocked and a sum of money in exchange.

    Do you think this can be a firmware bug 2:50? He is willing to undo the change, what do you think?

    I wait for a new firmware or just undo the change?

    Hugs from Brazil !! IMG-20150406-WA0003.jpeg IMG-20150406-WA0003.jpeg IMG-20150406-WA0005.jpeg IMG-20150406-WA0007.jpeg
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    Holy .... I never seen a thing like this before. This is probably a hardware malfunction so updates may not help. On the first images it doesn't seem anything serious but I can't say the same about last ones. What happens exactly when you're playing games? If you press the share button and save the file.. does it also contain the artifacts? You should test on another TV and if it persists you should contact sony. They'll give you a new console if it's on waranty and I assume they will repair it if it's not.
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    I've read about this a very small number of units had this problem check if it shows up on your neighbors tv if it does call sony and demand a replacement or return it where you bought it if its still in warranty.