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    First my only experience with Love2D are these pretty much porting these 2 tutorials to 3DS.

    I was thinking of making porting a Threes! a mobile puzzle game to 3DS. After realizing that was above my head because of the math needed, I found a "Not a 2048 clone" to port with with the same idea.

    After a bit of messing around I ended up adding some a little 3D and my take on Warios Woods in the background simultaneously with the puzzle and thought it was a pretty good premise with them connected.

    Im still having trouble with collision, but id figure i release this as you can play the puzzle side of things even thought the Wario Woods side has major problems. And I may never figure out how to solve them anytime soon)

    To Do-
    /1 Add Value of puzzle cards onscreen to a separate score and add both scores together at end
    /Collision of enemies to enemies
    /When Enemies cleared increase enemies/difficulty

    Im cleaning up the code so I can share that if anyone interested in helping, im not using bump.lua collision yet which I think will improve things. Its extremely hard to modify the Inny's side the way its written, and my side of things is VERY messy, so im not sure anyone would be interested. If you take a look at Innys code and can find a way to add up the value of cards onscreen would be much apperciated


    Edit: Now have a Github if anyone would like to help)
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    I'm not quite fond of 2048, but I really enjoy Wario's Woods. And I'm not so good at 2048, but I can play Wario's Woods. For what you have here it plays well enough. I'm interested to see where you take this.
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    Sweet!!! Awesome project!! :))