[WIP] Pokémon: NeΩ Ruby and Pokémon:Aslαt Sapphire

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    I worked to this romhack for a long time, but then I lost interest in it. Yesterday I decided to take it back to live from scratch and I'm planning to release it.
    Pokémon: NeΩ Ruby and Pokémon: Aslαt Sapphire are romhacks of Pokémon: Omega Ruby and Pokémon: Alpha Sapphire.
    They are planned for being a little more difficult than the normal ORAS and the storyline has been slightly edited for make it more interesting and funny.
    Most of the trainer are edited,and the Pokémon encounters are randomized,but without random legendary encounters.
    Screenshot soon :D

    Pokémon Changes

    -Some Pokémon had their typing changed for a better fitting type. (ex.Haunter types are now Dark/Ghost)
    -Pokémon who evolves with trades can now evolve in other methods.
    -New Evolutions!
    Warning: Spoilers inside!

    Pokémon Encounters Changes
    -The encounters are totally randomized
    -Legendary won't appear randomly
    -All Hold Items are randomized,Pokémon that have a Mega-Evolution have a great chance of carrying their Mega Stones.
    -Because of the randomizer,Pokémon from other regions can be already caught at the start of the game

    Moves and Tutors
    -All TMs are edited.
    -Moves (such as TM and Tutors) that the Pokémon can learn are randomized.

    Trainer Changes
    -Trainers (beside rivals,Wally,Zinnia,Steven,Gym Leaders and Elite Four; those are just edited) have their Pokémon and Hold Items randomized with max AI value and level boosted by 35%.

    -Many Pokémons that didn't had a M-Evolution previously now have it.
    Warning: Spoilers inside!

    -The storyline has been edited slightly for making it little more interesting and funny.
    -Delta Episode's main texts are edited.

    Minor Changes
    -Eggs hatch quickly
    -Some hidden features you'll notice...
    -May's/Brendan's outfit
    -Title Screen edit. (I need help on that)

    -If you got any other ideas you're welcome to leave a comment here.
    -If some one could help with Icon,Banner and title screen (since I'm not that good at this) I'll be gratefully.
    -If there are some horrible grammar errors,I'm sorry about that...
    -This is going to be released! I've worked on it for a long time!

    Wanna help? Send me a PM.

    Big Thanks:
    -Kaphotics for PK3DS
    -Asia81 for PackHack and the tools
    -SciresM for 3DS Builder
    -Reisyukaku for Ohana3DS
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  2. Tower

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    Nov 26, 2017
    nice idea, is complete this hack rom?:)
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