[WIP] games that can be trimmed to save storage list

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    Nov 23, 2015
    I do this on ps3 to save space by removing/zeroing unneeded languages and videos. so i decided to do the same for ps4. I just started today so if anyone wants to help here are the steps:
    if you've yet to dump your game, download ps4-dumper-vtx.zip and extract it
    1. Turn on the console, insert disc (or run psn title or copy the pkg file using ftp), install all game patches;
    2. Plug-in the USB stick(exfat), run the ps4-dumper payload (.bin or standalone);
    3. Run your game, make sure to get main menu, minimize game (PS Button);
    4. Wait till completion. When the process is finished the lights stop blinking and console will shutdown automatically (it is normal, not a panic shutdown);
    5. Turn on your console, remove disc, uninstall the game

    if you have a pkg on pc do this first
    1-download and extract the latest version of ps4pkgviewer https://sites.google.com/site/theleecherman/ps4pkgviewer

    2-open the program and drag the pkg file to it. go to extra>list contents

    -browse the game directory. if you see language files, for example one that has french files(some files have FR and FRE instead) and/or pre recorded videos that are specific to a language you don't use.(if you're using ps4pkgviewer right click on the CUSA***** folder and extract it, then go to the extract folder)

    -remove those files. it is better to empty the files/create empty files with the same name instead of deleting it. it has a better chance of working since some games check if files exist or not. to do this, use the zerofile.reg that is in the attachments. make sure that the directory and the file(s) don't have spaces (ex:uncharted 4 ->uncharted_4 or uncharted4) or the script won't work (if anyone can fix this please upload a better version)

    you can also only select the desired languages if they're all in one folder and leave the others. however, you still have to extract the rest of the game (god of war 3 for example) so no need to empty files

    important: always make backups. also, it is possible that some games need english files. this is untested though. but you're welcome to test it if you have time

    -now it's time to repack the pkgs
    open gengp4.exe in genp4 folder, point into CUSAxxxxx dir and press Generate .GP4, You should get the 'Done.', then press Save .GP4;
    Open .gp4 in the orbis-pub-gen and build .pkg file (You can get the orbis-pub-gen tool via PKG_Fake_Generator.zip in the attachments);
    Run PS4HEN payload, install the newly built game and test if gameplay works ;
    a quick trimming guide on games that have been successfully trimmed with .gp4 files
    post your results here

    format :
    Game name:
    title id:
    files/videos/languages deleted:
    original size:
    new size:
    results: works perfectly/crashes when choosing an option/crashes after selecting a video/cutscene ect
    don't forget to add your "patch.RiPPERD" and "ripped.gp4". they're both case sensitive
    games that are not worth trimming
    games that can't be trimmed

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    I’m sure there was a game compressor kit out for PS4 by RiPPERD, so plenty of games should work like this.
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    Nov 23, 2015
    i just read about it. if i understand correctly, it doesn't automatically do that. someone must remove the files first, built and test. and it it's successful then a gp4 file can be uploaded so it will remove the files automatically. i'll add it to the guide. this is helpful
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