Hacking [WIP] DeathRun to Vita -my first code/game ever


Apr 1, 2016
Hi Folks,

When Rinnegatamante released his Lua Player Plus to vita, I decided to start to create a multiplayer game on Ps Vita.
But I had zero programing skill, so I started to learn the Lua. That was 6 days ago :) ...and this is what I made from the absolute zero :)
I want to create a DeathRun game (like the deathrun mod for Cod2 or CS), which is an asimetric multiplayer so I have to learn a lot to achive this. :D I'll update every week this thread to show the state of the game. This is the first week so...

What I have:
-platform maker algorithm
-touchsreen button
-camera movement on the X angle
-moving platforms

What I don't have:
- map maker/saver/loader
- multiplayer function
- menu
-y camera angle
and tons of stuffs.. :D


You can try it what I have done so far. Here is the VPK: http://www.mediafire.com/download/s5ssg5awh4s0ssw/DeathRun_Test.vpk
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