[wiikey 1.9g hotfix+ wii 3.1u] prob gcos

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  1. juggy

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    May 12, 2007
    Hi i have a bunch of multi game collections (gcos) some are pal and some are ntsc

    when i put the disc in the wii i allways seem to get a disc read error
    they worked before i updated to 3.1u and 1.9g beta hotfix for mario galaxy

    is the wii blocking them because of the header

    is there a way to fix?

    i have only been able to get one to work the rest come up as a disc read error

    i have allready followed instructions off a board to load a gcos config 1.3 and set the region overide to on (as it was not reading the original 1.3 config setup from wiikey.cn)

    is there something i need to do to these existing compilation gcos discs so they are readable under wiikey 1.9g and wii 3.1U ??
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    Try using the 1.9 update again. It should be working though.