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Jun 13, 2010
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wii save problem

I try to explain best I can, I am trying to install a wii save file from wiisave to call of duty waw, Im using savemanager gx to try to do this but having problems. This is what I have done with no success. I have cod waw installed via usb hard drive iso file , game works great btw, I have played through 3 missions but on wii data mgnt screen its shows profile 63/ rvye which is the game id. Erase is the only block visable 2 other blocks grayed out . I downloaded the save file put in savegame dir but I cant do anything from there it says you have to have a save in order to copy. there is no option to install just move copy or erase. I guess my ques is how to orerwrite this file into wii sys memory I have looked all over the net with little results. Why are there save files if they cant be installed.

file below is what i am trying to install thanks for any help in advance

CoD WaW All stages playable
uploaded by platinum007

Downloaded: 2809 times (168.06 KB)

Region: E - USA / Canada
DISCLAIMER!!!! THIS IS NOT A POWERSAVE, THIS IS NOT A .BIN FILE! You will need the Wii Save Game Installer to properly import this save onto your Wii's memory. If you do not have knowledge on how to do this don't bother. Fin...
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