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  1. darebear

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    Apr 3, 2010
    hey guys, ive downloaded the save games for NSMB, mario kart and SSBB from here on my sd card with some of my own save games. ive had to re-flash my wii so its totally clean, but when i try to put the save games back onto the system memory, it says "YOU MUST FIRST PLAY THIS GAME ON YOUR WII CONSOLE TO COPY SAVE DATA". even tho ive played NSMB to a save point it wont let me do it. its even saying the same for my own scarface, rugby league 3 etc saves. ive tried disabline the copy protection in priiloader and still nothing.

    can someone help me please as im goin crackers

  2. XFlak

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    Sep 12, 2009
    u have to play the game again (because when u restored your nand, u probably restored to a point where u had never played those games), make sure the game u have and the save file u have are for the same region, go back to the data management page and delete the save file from the wii (not the sd card), then try copying the file from the sd card again (make sure no copy protection hack is enabled).

    TBH, it sounds like u've done all the above, and if so, it should be working... if its not working after doing the above I have to assume u made a mistake somewhere along the way.

    U can also use savegame manager gx, but since u already have extracted your saves using data management, u have to install them the same way