wii problem not sure what i did or what to do

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    I have a lu65 wii that i ran a homebrew installer app on. The read me for this was as follows.

    Put the contents of both zips on your SD Card as it is in the zip, just drag all to SD Card.

    Go to Data Management then choose Channels followed by SD

    Choose "Yes" to load boot.dol

    LoadMii will then load.

    Press "A" on the WiiMote.

    Go down to DowngraderIOS35.dol and run it by pressing "A" on the WiiMote.
    Choose downgrade IOS35 and then let it go, then choose exit (ignore the patchmii and dvdx)

    You'll be back in LoadMii now.

    Go down and run Wad Manager 1.4 by pressing "A" on WiiMote.

    Just select normal settings (don't change IOS)

    Install IOS35.wad.

    Exit Wad Manager 1.4 by pressing "HOME"

    You'll be back in LoadMii.

    Run Wad Manager again, Select IOS35 when it asked what IOS to use. (This is the step where my problem occured)

    Install the CIOSv7.wad.

    Press "Home" to exit.

    Then Run Wad Manager again.

    Tell it to use IOS249.

    Install IOS36.wad, BUL3g.wad & HBC.wad

    You will now restart Wii to find that Backuplauncher and Homebrew Channel are installed and working.

    now on the homescreen setup your wii for internet access but do not update

    go into the homebrew channel and select cios 38 rev 12 installer.

    select ios 249 then select network install

    once it is done installing go back to homebrew go into the wad manager
    and install backup loader 1020.wad

    now press your home key and go back to the main screen and you will see a second backup loader
    this one has the 002 error fix

    now just test a game to make sure it works

    I got to the point where it says "Run Wad Manager again, Select IOS35 when it asked what IOS to use."
    And at this point the wii will lose connection with the remote and not do anything. All the lights will flash on the wii remote and that is it. It did not brick the wii up i can still connect to the internet and play orginal games just fine. It will not allow me to install homebrew via banner bomb and hackmii files now either. If i try that method. All that happens is i get the text after boot.dol starts and the wii just sits there on that screen. I let it go for an hour the other night as i was told i wasnt waiting long enough but still nothing will install. I have spent hours on this now and am at a loss for what to do. I have done some reading but there are all kinds of suggestions for which way to install homebrew and i dont know what is best.

    I also dont know if something i did is now not allowing me to do the install with the banner bomb hackmii method. Any help is and will be greatly appreciated. Thanks