Wii isn't reading burnt discs...

Discussion in 'Wii - Hacking' started by atamask, May 19, 2010.

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    First off I'm using Cioscorp 3.6 With rev 14 installed. All my other games have been working perfectly fine. Like Super Mario Galaxy...But I just recently downloaded a US version of Monster hunter 3 and it DID work. However it only lets me click into the title and after the game starts it creates a save file, and after that it can't continue reading the disc any further so I have to take it out. Now I did a test where i burned a previous copy of SSBB where the original disc worked. But once I re-burned it It didn't work. It made me feel a tad uneasy. See the thing is I just bought DVD+R discs and I know it's recommended to use DVD-R...but that's the thing i've used plenty of +R's before....So why isn't it working now.

    Oh and on a small mental note, my wii's power button is generally yellow...not red. Is that a bad thing? OH OH....aaaaaaand If I recall...I can't reinstall the homebrew channel cuz it sadi something about it not being able to install on there? dunno have to double check.

    But ANY-WHO... if I could get some enlightenment that would be great, Thanks.
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    MHT requires a cios based on ios37, so do that and it will work.
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    Lets see... DVD+R will work if you change the Book Type to DVD-ROM (search somewhere how to do this).
    The power light is yellow when it's doing Wiiconnect24 hold the button for 5 seconds for it to go completely off, red.
    You can't install Homebrew channel because you have cioscorp. If you want to install it use DOPIOS to reinstall a trucha bug non CIOSCORP IOS..
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    The Bootmii/homebrew channel wont install with a 'fakesigned' IOS.

    You need to either remove CIOSCORP, or as previous poster stated somewhat incorrectly,

    install a NON DOP'ed (a NON trucha bugged) IOS using DOPMii.

    The bootmii installer will then use that IOS to install.