Wii Homebrew Launcher .10

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    [​IMG] Wii Homebrew Launcher .10
    Update to the homebrew loader.

    The Wii Homebrew Launcher boots DOL and ELF homebrew and has a layout similar to the Wii system menu.
    It is an alternative to the Homebrew channel, but they may peacefully coexist on the same system.

    Unique features include USB, SMB and DVD loading, aswell as skinning.
    .10 adds the support of SDHC memory cards (untested), speeds up the boot process and much more.

    The DVD change is a big relief as it returns the startup process to a much more acceptable speed (compared to the slow .09)
    Thanks to djdynamite123 for spreading the news!

    [​IMG] Download (GBAtemp mirror coming soon)
    [​IMG] Official HBL website
    [​IMG] Discuss
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.