Hardware Wii Fit Board Malfunctioning?


Dec 20, 2009
Okay, so I've had my Wii Fit about a year or so. Today I switched it on to find my board detects me as standing on the board, when I've only touched it to switch it on.
So now I've figured out how to fool the board into correctly detecting me as off board - by turning it upside down as it starts up. But now my board incorrectly labels me as being 14'3", when I'm about a stone lighter. I assume this is due to the fact that it was upside-down during setup (as the board itself is actually quite heavy). But I'm wondering how it's managed to fail, even though I've looked after it really well, and it's not been used all that much. I'm the heaviest in the house, so it's unlikely that anyone heavier has used it, and it's built to take up to 21', so it's not like I'd break it myself.

The only likely cause I have noted is the fact that I have a charger block inside it. My ma has a habit of leaving the block wired up to the wii, so it's on charge quite a bit (but I usually unplug it, so it's not like it's been charging forever), even when it's being used. I've seen comments on forums about it, but even when unplugged, I still get this error.

Despite this, the test in the settings menu picks it up as working perfectly fine (all sensors are working), so does anyone know, what's wrong with the board, and how can I fix it? I'd really appreciate the help...

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