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    So mh, build this for myself, thought i may as well share it here (there are probably already tons of mods like these...)

    It's basically the PCB of a wiimote (with a cut off camera/dpad section) that is directly wired to the traces of the buttons on the NES controller.
    In addition I added a thin LiPo battery at the back (stuck on with double sided tape, didn't fit in the case anymore...) and microusb charging circuit + battery protection.

    B-Y0YrGIQAAFIQh.jpg B-Y4xWzIAAAb8z9.jpg B-ZIJdWIYAAOyvM.jpg

    Here is a short video of it in action (using an NES emulator on computer):

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    Too bad it didn't all fit inside but, I like it.