Wii can read GameCube backup but the GameCube itself can't

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    Jun 18, 2016
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    I bought many Verbatim 8cm MiniDVD for use on both my Wii and GameCube. But I have a problem: while the Wii boots the game perfectly,the GameCube can't.

    On the Wii,I tried the game with NeoGamma and Nintendont,fully working

    On the GameCube,using the PokéLoad Colosseum exploit,I tried with GcOS and Swiss and... it doesn't work. On GCOS it says "Unrecognizable disc" and Swiss stops at 75% "Adding patches" and then says "Error: can't read disk".
    The GameCube is new... and original games work flawlessly.
    The Verbatim disc was burnt at 4x with IMGBurn. The game it was burned is Mario Party 4. Any ideas to make it work on the GameCube as it does work on the Wii?